Sunday, May 28, 2023

What is a PCR Test Kit by Kary Mullis?

The scientist who invented the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test kit was Kary B. Mullis. This technology is what they use today to test...

Denmark’s Protest against “Epidemilov”, a Proposed Law that Would Allow Forced Testing, Vaccination, and...

Although it was not reported in the mainstream news outlet, many sources from Denmark itself have confirmed that the country’s proposed “epidemic law” (epidemilov)...

Biden Approved another 105 Million of COVID Vaccines from Pfizer

Despite billions of dollars of loss of taxpayer’s money due to unused COVID-19 vaccines, the Biden Administration has signed the deal with Pfizer for...

Health Benefits of Doing Breathing Exercises

Unknown to many, there are numerous ways to take control of our health. These methods are usually found in the ancient teachings of sage...

CDC’s “Laboratory Alert” and the Unanswered Questions about RT-PCR

On July 21, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a “laboratory alert” notice, ordering all “individuals performing Covid-19 testing” to...

Important Things To Do During “Community Quarantine”

Since most things related to this global COVID-19 pandemic now cannot be downplayed and stopped anymore, most government measures all over the world are now resorting...

BBM’s HQ still close after the number of personnel positive on COVID-19 increases

Manila, Philippines - The headquarters of Presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will remain closed in Mandaluyong City after the number of its staff...

Planned Parenthood’s Decades of Sex Education and the Protest Against Senate Bill 5395

In September of 2019, a former sex educator for 10 years wrote an article that describes how Planned Parenthood (PP) implements its program regarding...

Psychiatry: The Problem and the Solution

In this complex time where knowledge and information are easily available 24/7 with just a few efforts through your fingertips if you are connected...

The Studies on Laughter vs. Negative Emotions

According to studies, laughter brings a lot of positive health effects and it can provide so much therapy to people. Because of its amazing...

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