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Fact or Fake: Questions Regarding COVID-19 by Ordinary People


In “Event 201”, an alleged coronavirus outbreak simulation attended by the officials and representatives of major organizations such as the John Hopkins University, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and others, it was claimed that they talked about censorship and information control in any type of media as some of the many ways to combat the opposition and maintain the “official narrative” that perpetuates the myth and the fear inside the people’s head. Event 201 was funded by none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and was published in October of last year, six weeks before the alleged outbreak in Wuhan, China.


Still available in the Global Economic Forum’s Youtube channel, the simulation talks about many things – the origin of the fictional virus, epidemiology of the disease, testing and detection, community transmission, quarantine protocols, domestic and international travel, lockdown, patient isolation and treatment, government responses, and of course, the essential vaccination. However, one really interesting aspect on the simulation video is the control of the flow of information. This is a huge “red flag” as it clearly demonstrates how the people behind this manufactured indefensible ploy are desperate in their goal to misinform and mislead the whole world away from the reality of their broken and failing medical establishment.

This has been proven time and time and time and time again. With their so-called fact checkers, they discredit and twist the information that are opposite of what they publicly claim. They even slander and penalize people who speak against them and their fabricated versions of reality through de-platforming, demonization, and worst, imprisonment. In short, tyranny! The good thing is, they cannot totally control the information especially in the social media and other internet platforms that people can freely speak. As one of the results, many people have become aware of their nasty and deadly deception; connecting and exchanging perspectives/information across the cyber world on a scale that never before achieved or done. And through this, truths and facts still prevail and people are still correctly informed on a consistent basis, leading to a clearer vision and logically, sound decisions.

To provide substance to the point we are making, here are the opinions and perspectives of the people who are, apparently, critical and well-informed. Though, for security and privacy purposes, we intentionally hid their last names and the link from where the conversation was taken. We believe that these statements are very important to be heard because the exchange of facts and opinions is an essential part of the many process to achieve real democracy.                    

Note: Some are shown on its “original” form (spelling, letters, symbols, etc.).


Science speaks. To summarize the above: face masks don’t help but increase the risk of infection. The six feet rule has no scientific basis. There is no risk of infection outdoors, in shops or in restaurants. The only way to transmit covid-19 is to stand close to someone who has a cough and a fever. And the mortality rate of covid-19 is the same as that of seasonal flu. These are statements by some of the most renowned scientists on earth. A greater contrast with the madness spread by the media and governments is inconceivable.

Cheryl – Registered Nurse

Of course it’s misleading.. the numbers are not correct… false positives, listing deaths as Covid when they are not.. why do this to people? Most people who get really sick have underlying conditions and should protect themselves, not the world protect them.. similar to Cancer patients… they and family protect them because resistance is low. It’s just common sense.

Unfortunately people die everyday, that is part of life. People are born and people die. We are not superhuman to live forever. Accept that life WILL end.

Jane S.

Can someone please explain to me that when the pandemic first broke, the “experts” did not push mask wearing, and actually specifically told us not to in some cases… how did we go from none to the norm?? Mask wearing does not seem like a new concept and Fauci has been a virus researcher for over 30 years… seems like it should have been the first thing they told us if it was so important… and don’t they know that long term mask wearing interrupts the normal breathing process?? I’m sure they do. Everyone has lost their mind and their ability to think with common sense.


I have had a lot of time to research. CDC. I have PROOF, advised healthcare workers to label patients cv19 even WITHOUT a test to prove it. This is against protocol. They even test to prove a vitamin deficiency! They can’t prescribe a vitamin without it.  Democrats, WHO, and CCP arranged the cv19 numbers to be falsely increased! Nurse says, on videos in CA that in certain cities, they are flying covid patients into to overrun hospitals from Mexico and NOT SENDING THEM BACK!!! Happening mostly at night, Spanish speaking people!

The democrats are telling med staff to count these as the US covid numbers. The CDC stated that doing so will not cause an audit. The CDC apologized for this, later, and they might have taken it down, but the damage is done, staff will keep doing this. This what the news does, too. They put out lies then they apologize knowing that most won’t see the apology! Also, according to medical staff, higher ups told medical staff to put cv19 positive with cv19 negative in the same room! Guess what happened. Now, they are slandering the nurse, who happens to have proof, that’s the whistle blower!

Not to mention, arranging that cv19 patients be put in nursing homes! The nursing homes management complained that they are not equipped nor trained to handle these patients! BTW, many medical professionals are counting a positive antibody test as a positive case

You can also test positive, regarding the covid test, if you have other diseases, as well.


Someone I know delivers tests to labs. A lab tech actually told this person every test is counted, even the same person being tested over and over in order to return to work. So one person could be counted three or four times every time they’re tested. They are also counting antibody tests as positives, even if you had it months ago. The CDC website states antibody tests show other coronaviruses as covid positives, including the common cold! Covid tests can pick up other infections that will cause a test to be positive, but they still count it as covid positive test.

Not to mention hospitals getting thousands and thousands for each patient with cv19, from the feds. Why? Increase the numbers falsely….frighten people into an experimental shot TRILLIONS TO BE MADE, test compliance to bring in socialism while at the same time, blame the president for everything, even hurricanes, to manipulate more votes for the democrats. Put Americans out of business so the DEMOCRATS can save yuh! Bye, Bye, miss American pie.

Marc R.

THEY LIED TO US about the death rates saying they were 15%. Even by their grossly inflated numbers they’re less than 0.1%. THEY LIED TO US about the need for hospital space. Most makeshift hospitals and the hospital ships saw little to ZERO patients. Most regular hospitals had more available beds than ever. THEY LIED TO US about the spread of asymptomatic people. Asymptomatic people don’t spread it. THEY LIED TO US about the severity. 80% of the people who have it don’t even know they were infected. The deaths that might occur (statistics support arguments, that there’s no annualized death rate difference) just like the flu, – are limited to elderly people with critical to grave adverse conditions already. Younger people (UNDER 60!) ALMOST NEVER DIE, even if they have chronic disabilities!!!

But yet the MANUFACTURED, Mass Hysteria Madness, – with poisonous/long lasting/hormone-disrupting/easily transferred sanitizers, oxygen depleting/immune system impairing/asthma triggering/pathogen incubating masks, uselessly inaccurate testing and tracking leading to medical kidnap IS RAMPING UP!!! Is mass testing the Trojan horse to deliver micro-needle DNA altering vaccines that will shorten your telomeres and render you sterile in pursuit of their depopulation agenda?!? Is that really why they jab it in your nose?!?

Who benefits from steering everybody to the international globalist corporate stores, destroying the well-to-do middle-class and their employees?!? Do you know that this plandemic/scamdemic ‘EVENT 201’ was put on by Bill Gates in October of 2019?!? Guess who else attended?!? What’s the real cost to you, an absolutely essential worker to your family for the food on the table and paying the bills, regardless of what the government mischaracterizes you as?!? What’s the devastating cost to our way of life, with these insanities designed to manipulate us down?!?