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Is Candace Owens Helping Andrew Tate Spread Lies to the Public about their Case?

Police officers escort Andrew Tate, left, handcuffed to his brother Tristan Tate to the Court of Appeal in Bucharest, Romania, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023. Andrew Tate, the divisive influencer and former professional kickboxer who is detained in Romania on suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking appeared at the court in Bucharest on Wednesday to appeal against a second 30-day extension of his detention. His brother Tristan is held in the same case. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Last week, the famous conservative commentator and activist Candace Owens did a three-hour interview with Andrew Tate, using her Daily Wire platform. Listening to the interview, especially if you are following the Tate brothers’ case, you would not wonder why many people react negatively out of frustration. On the interview, it seems like Candace Owens tried to completely ignore the charges that are pressed against the Tate brothers and their accomplices. Judging by the way Owens ask questions and even by how she gives her opinions, it shows that there are many questionable things on her end that need to be corrected. If not, it might be that some of her followers that knew about Andrew Tate’s criminal activities will think she is also lying to protect the Tate brothers.


One very important thing that we should talk about in her interview is that when she goes along with Andrew Tate’s lie that the clips that are being brought up against them are already ten years old. It seems that Candace Owens and the entire Daily Wire team did not do their research about the Tates, especially about the leaked texts; the evidences that are backing the human trafficking charges against them. In one of his videos that was uploaded in 2020, Andrew Tate admitted that he is pimping women to do the web cam porn by using emotional and psychological manipulation and coercion. According to him:

There’s a lot of different things on there, I teach about how to make money, I teach about everything from networking, body language, everything you can think of. But my PhD course, on there as well teaches a lot about girls. It’s basically 10 hours of me explaining everything I know from start to finish. From my career of as a webcam pimp…”

Recalling how his “only fan” porn business started and how much he earned during the start, Tate explained:

I didn’t even know it existed. I thought, oh, pretty girls can sit on computers and make money? And that’s kind of how it started. Went from there and ended up having a bit of a cam empire. At one point I was doing half a million a month profit…”

Meanwhile, just a year ago, there is also a video of Tristan Tate explaining how his web cam business serves him well. According to Tristan:

My main thing when it comes to girls right now and money is my “only fans” management. So, with only fans management it’s so much…”

Talking about how he also uses force and intimidation to make his models work harder, Tristan explained:

You have to scream at them every day, make them log in, make them be ready at a certain time… essentially it’s, I give you a list of content to make for me. You send all the content across to me when I say, by the time I tell you to. And then me and my team, and my girls, and my manageresses turn the content into money… if the girls don’t make the content, I’ll say listen, if your content’s late again, you’re fired up, deleting your accounts… they shoot themselves.”

Meanwhile, in 2020, just three years earlier, Tristan Tate also bragged about how he scammed a man in Germany by making him believe that Tate’s web cam model will marry him while also telling his followers to “be ruthless”. He twitted:

No mercy. A customer in Germany has just taken out a 12000 euro loan to continue to spend time with a webcam model of mine. He has recently lost his job. He’s convinced they will end up together. Spoiler alert: they won’t. In this world, there are predators and prey. Be ruthless.”

Three days after her interview with Andrew Tate, Candace Owens uploaded a video explaining her reasons for giving Andrew Tate a three-hour chance to lie to the public. Ironically, Owens explained that it is because she thinks that today’s men are “treating women poorly” and that Andrew Tate is offering a solution to this problem. According to Owens:

The job is to try to understand… by asking meaningful questions and not judging why does Andrew Tate have the platform… quite curiously, people that follow him, even the people that I know in my life, are really good examples of what it means to be a man… men that lead their families, men that are masculine, not the kinds of men that we see in society today that treat women poorly….”

It could be that Candace Owens is really naive about the Tate’s criminal doings and about how they abuse women. It could also be that she has not followed deeply enough about the Tate brother’s human trafficking story. However, to be a responsible journalist, it’s her job to reconsider what she knew and try to learn more about the Tate brother’s case before giving another defense and justification. Acknowledging Tate’s crimes is one of the things that will help give justice to the people he and his team have scammed and exploited. As what David Wood recently pointed out, Andrew Tate and his team did very horrible things to their victims that people should not forget:

For all the Tate fans out there, do not forget that men were sending money to Tate thinking that they were talking to a pretty girl. They were actually talking to Andrew Tate who is sending messages to these guys, about how attracted he is to the guys who are sitting there whacking off to end as their messaging Tate back and forth. Guys, your top G is on the other end talking to guys flirting with them, talking about “oh yeah, oh, you’re so big and strong and manly and stuff like that and he’s Andrew Tate, talking to guys who are whacking off. Tate is pretending to be a cam girl…”



Featured image: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21233878/andrew-tristan-tate-released-jail/