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Former Chairman of Arkansas Medical Board, Dr. Brian Hyatt, accused of “Medical Kidnapping” of...

A psychiatrist and a former chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board is now being under investigation for allegedly holding patients against their will...

Countries that Require Multiple Vaccinations Have Higher Childhood Mortality Rates; According to a Recent...

Last July, a scientific study conducted by authors Neil Z. Miller, a medical researcher and director at the Institute of Medical and Scientific Inquiry,...

Is Candace Owens Helping Andrew Tate Spread Lies to the Public about their Case?

Last week, the famous conservative commentator and activist Candace Owens did a three-hour interview with Andrew Tate, using her Daily Wire platform. Listening to...

Veteran Referee Filed a Lawsuit against NBA Regarding Vaccine Mandate

A veteran basketball referee filed a lawsuit against the National Basketball Association (NBA) for firing him for refusing to take the COVID vaccine. Kenny...

Is the Newly Approved Vaccine Against Anthrax Safe?

Last week, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved another vaccine for anthrax named Cyfendus. Cyfendus is manufactured by a company called Emergent...

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