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The US Government is Recovering Alien Space Craft for Decades, according to a Former Military Official  

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Two weeks ago, a former intelligence official named David Grusch have gone public claiming that the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has been hiding information from the public regarding the retrieval and possible reverse engineering of space craft and other technology that are not human in origin. These recovered alien vehicles, claimed by Grusch, have been in the possession of the government for decades, “intact and partially intact”.


According to David Grusch, an Airforce veteran and a veteran of the National Geo-space Intelligence Agency, when it comes to UFO and alien topics, the US government has a “sophisticated disinformation campaign” targeting the American people that is “extremely unethical and immoral”. This means that aside from withholding information illegally, the US government and the DoD are also determined to punish anyone who publish classified information through any means they deem appropriate.

Commenting on David Grusch’s media appearance, Dr. Michael Salla, an internationally recognized expert in international politics and U.S. foreign policy and also an author of numerous books regarding government secret space program, UFO, and alien encounters, said in an interview:

“Straight away you will get a clue that there’s some kind of different faction involved in this issue concerning UFO crash retrieving, reverse engineering efforts…

I think what we saw with David Grusch’s testimony is that there is a faction of people behind him that are encouraging him to come forward to reveal this because this is the time for the American public to know that these kinds of reverse engineering projects concerning retrieved extraterrestrial space craft go all the way back… “

When asked to elaborately explain about the main reasons for the “faction”, Dr. Salla stated:

“One faction just wants the truth to come out and I think that’s more the military faction because they stand the most to benefit. I mean if you look at it in terms of cost-benefit analysis, if you suddenly have the existence of these alien technologies that can be reverse engineered to build space craft that are capable of things like inter-planetary, interstellar conflict or inter-stellar travel, then you‘re gonna have the navy wanting to have space carrier groups, you’re gonna have air force or now space force wanting to have fleets of anti-gravity craft that can go or flew and back in an hour because that will be a legitimate concern for the military in order to protect national security and global security.

Then on the other hand you have the intelligence community that wants to keep this all secret because the CIA and the National ??? Office, I mean, they have their own secret space program. And the more they keep this secret, the more that they can use these crafts that are built by major companies such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics… to have their own fleets of covert space craft that they can use all around the planet for covert operations…”

Topics and concerns about UFO, or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) as other people call it, are often dismissed and ridiculed by most people. This is the reason why it is hard for people to come out and speak about their experiences related to UFO retrieval and other phenomenon related to UFO and extraterrestrial for a fear that they might be called “crazy” or be gaslighted and thought of as paranoid. But as Dr. Michael Salla claimed:

“There have been like 80 years of this crash retrievals happening all around the world with lots of people coming forward talking about the existence of these crash retrieval operations and that there has been reverse engineering going on…”

Dr. Salla also talked about the disclosure as a kind of way to allocate government funding properly. He claimed that the secret space program is illegally using the public funds to continue its covert operation without even educating the American people about the topic. According to him: 

“This is all going on and the thing is that there are people that know this is the time where all these has to be revealed. This kind of massive deep space operations can’t continue to be funded covertly through the CIA using this kind of illegal, kind of drug running, weapons smuggling, kind of like black magic activities to raise enormous funds needed for these kinds of deep space projects that all have to be conducted using funds that are not appropriate for congress because you know, congress doesn’t have oversight of this simply because congress doesn’t allocate funding for this deep space operation.”

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