Monday, July 15, 2024

Florida Government Officials Sued for Child Trafficking Using State’s Foster Care Program

Many parents are now suing the state of Florida for “kidnapping their children” through the State’s Foster Care Program, according to several reports. The...

East Ohio Animals Dying from Chemicals at an “Alarming Rate” Due to Derailment

Despite being downplayed by the Ohio governor and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), forestry workers and residents of Palestine, East Ohio claim that...

China Issues Warning after US and PH Agree to Expand Military Presence

China has issued a warning to the United States and the Philippines after they agreed to expand their military presence in the South China...

NYC Police Union Won in a Case against COVID Vaccine Mandates

New York City police union members recently “won” in a lawsuit opposing the COVID-19 vaccine requirement; but, the battle continues as the city appeals...

First pig heart transplant patient, died two months later

Washington, USA - The first person to receive a heart transplant from a genetically modified pig died two months after the medical milestone, according...

Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty for Sex Trafficking and Abuse of Minors

On Wednesday, Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of a disgraced media magnate in the UK, was finally convicted of sex trafficking girls who are minors;...

Pres. Trump: Iran is “Standing Down”

President Donald Trump announced that Iran appears to be “standing down” on the conflict and that the US doesn’t have to use more of...

US Military Missile Strike in Iraq Killed Two High-Ranking Officials

The US military launched an attack yesterday morning, Friday, hitting Baghdad International Airport and killing several people including five members of Iraqi paramilitary groups...

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