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What Do Parents Think about the “New Normal” in Schools?


As schools are getting ready for the so-called “new normal”, students are also preparing to take another semester. But this time, a school is going to be different for most of people, including teachers and policy makers in the educational institutions. In fact, way more different that many parents, and sometimes teachers too, complain and even hesitating to enroll their children.


As the people around the world already know what does this so-called pandemic really looks like in reality, with all the hoaxes and fear mongering by the World Health Organizations (WHO) and the mainstream media being exposed and ridiculed daily on social media, many governments around the world are still believing (or pretending) that this Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemonium is really a thing or that it really exists.

The fact is, it is not. Many experts such as Dr. Stefan Lanka and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, among many others, have demonstrated many times that there is really no new disease-causing virus spreading while other credible sources also proved that people are not dying from what the WHO and other big pharma-directed “experts” call “Covid-19 disease” but only from the usual diseases of our time. Yet, the world, with the tyrannical power of politicians along with government institutions that follow them or conspire with them, rather, using the state’s law enforcement agencies, are still carrying on the agenda that makes mentally healthy or “sane” and well-informed people wonder why and question: are these officials and politicians taking advantage against the people or are they just total stupid to just blindly follow what the WHO, Bill Gates, and others are suggesting or demanding?          

To show the fact that many parents are now “waking up” and can now see through the lies and insanity that the tyrannical elites, through the WHO and the mindless politicians that are enforcing their mandates using the unthinking order-followers in the military and the police agencies, here are the opinions of some parents that are discussing about the current reality in schools and what they really think of what’s going on in the so-called “new normal” in the educational system. These statements were taken from the comment sections of “Erin at Health Nut News” Facebook page and for privacy reason, full name of these parents are not being published.

I’m really worried for our little ones. Kids are showing more issues with anxiety already due to toxin levels from increased vaccinations and the horrific diets. Now set them off to school with masks, maybe spraying them down with even more toxins. We are in big trouble here.


This country doesn’t care about the mental well-being of children or anyone else for that matter. Our government has always caused destruction and harm. Blows my mind that people choose not to see it and just blindly follow the masses.


Any mounting prolonged anxiety is a challenge to a healthy immune systems. Rise up parents and stop this. Every individual living in fear is more vulnerable. It raises their cortisol levels (fight and flight response). This on a daily basis shuts down the prefrontal cortex. This reduces their practical judgement, empathy, higher thinking, and they can become emotionally paralyzed. (REAL science)


It’s not funny. I babysit and she’s planning to pull the kids and enroll them in K12. These methods they’re planning for the school year make it like prison. Meanwhile they’re freeing prisoners…..


This is so sad. Humanity/human beings will not develop properly like this. Already due to all the toxins/vaccines, etc being “on the spectrum” is completely accepted and even promoted now. This entire shift might be a shift towards Transhumanism. Scary.


Exactly. Humans are social animals. We need to share physical space as well as experience physical contact. Our survival depends on it. Our immune system depends on it. Our psyche depends on it. I get so sad going out and seeing all the physical barriers in place to keep us from our human experience. It’s not supposed to be like that.


Highly considering homeschooling just so we can be “normal” and not have to adhere to all this nonsense. The cartoonist is spot on with how it sounds things are going to be.


This is totally unacceptable. I’ve seen people talk about homeschooling and if that’s what they wish to do, that’s fine. But the decision mustn’t come from a position of compliance. We, each and everyone of us who do not find it acceptable, must take action. There is a form letter on Robert Kennedy Jr’s “Children’s Health Defense” website that is an excellent resource for sending to school officials and politicians. I personally sent it to our Minister of Education, Minister of Health and my local school board trustees and our superintendent (I live in Canada). Complacency = acceptance. We mustn’t be complacent


I substitute but may not go back since our state is requiring mask, face shield, gloves and hand sanitizer. They aren’t requiring classroom attendance but will have online attendance at the same time classes are meeting in person. My daughter has already decided not to go back. She only has 2 years left.


So sad! The anxiety for these young kids will probably lead to a lot of problems down the road!


I’m pulling my kids. I live in CO. I knew with the vaccine war that eventually it would happen. With the new vaccine mandates and the Ridiculous Restrictions for the kids to go back to school we are going to a 100% private online school.


Most boys can’t get their belt off in time. New World Order devious plan to lower human vibrations by separating us is NOT going to happen. We are awake and we choose life!


Back to school regulations are child abuse in my opinion.


Turning schools into prisons allows them to be trained for their future incarcerations.


There is no way in hell I’m sending my kids back to school breathing in their own CO2 for 8 hours a day. Do you know how unhealthy that is for kids?


This is just wrong. Even as a joke. Our babies are going to be forever disturbed over this!


This is the time better than any…. to homeschool. And there are state licensed teachers and schools full on virtual.