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Natural and Safe Ways to Regulate Melatonin in Your Body


It is well-accepted in the scientific community in general that our body has its own patterns and timing on nearly everything it does. This characteristic of biology permeates not only in the human species but also in the animal kingdom; which is also reflected on plants and even in the microbiome life. In the esoteric or in the occultic practices, this is part of what they call the law of rhythm; an integral part of the many laws of nature. However, sometimes there are unpredictabilities and even entropy. In a basic naturalistic perspective, this is obviously the same laws that govern to our brain’s connection to light and darkness. And one of the modern science’s discoveries for this connection is a hormone called melatonin.        


According to what they’ve observed, it is a hormone that signals your brain and your whole system when to shut your bio-machines and rest your gears, so to speak. In short, when it’s night or when it’s day; the eternal cycle. Even though this is called the “sleep hormone”, melatonin not only helps us in sleep but also provides other benefits and other bodily functions such as regulating blood pressure, body temperature, and other hormone levels. And when some of these hormones are reduced, your body relaxes and your nerve activities will also lessen to the point that you will be physically paralyzed and you consciousness will transcend into “dream scape”. Interestingly, light prevents our system from producing melatonin. However, according to the experts, this thing still needs more studies.

To avoid the unhealthy lowering of the melatonin, as much as possible, avoid all the unnecessary activities during the evening. This includes screen exposures, blue light, lights that are too bright, and in general, you must also avoid habits that are harmful such as smoking, stress and foods that are not appropriate for our body to consume, for example, processed foods that are loaded with preservatives and other toxic chemicals. Other factors affect the lowering of melatonin are environmental toxins, worst or negative and also traumatic experiences, especially when it leads to heavy negative emotions.

There are also certain types of daily tasks and jobs that cause the lowering of our melatonin, However, basically just natural and healthy lifestyle helps a lot in taking care of melatonin level on our body. We all know that 7 to 8 hours of sleep are enough. Though, the proper way is that we should sleep in a totally dark room. However, dim lights will do if it’s not really possible to sleep in total darkness. Although, you can also use eye cover when sleeping to block the amount of light from touching your closed eyes.

Interestingly, many companies are now selling melatonin supplements. This is the reason why you can mostly pick an article to read from the internet that suggests you should buy or maintain melatonin supplements. You must remember to be totally sure of the source or the company’s real method on producing, including other ingredients that they might possibly add. It is an open secret nowadays that companies put harmful chemicals on their vitamins and supplement products and some examples of this are aspartame, MSG, fluoride and even in some, studies reveal mercury, lead, arsenic, and talc traces. These heavy metals should not be ingested whatsoever that’s why being conscious and vigilant about products are really important nowadays. It sounds tempting to take melatonin supplements but these things will result to more problems later. It’s better to be careful than suffer from serious and more expensive consequences.  

To be sure that your melatonin regulation is mostly in balance or natural, the best thing to do is to learn more about this. As what they have said above, there are surely more things we should know about this very interesting biochemical in our body. Especially now during the age of seemingly inconspicuous warfare we are virtually facing in our entire lives, like equally the same as “war against germs”, deep and wide knowledge about health and nutrition must be essential in our intellectual interests or capacity. And with this, we can apply the practical ways on how to regulate this naturally on our own.

Because the truth is, we are responsible for our bodies and not any doctor or whatever experts. Of course, we must appreciate and use the knowledge of doctors (especially those who advocate natural health and holistic therapies) but the total responsibility to be healthy is on us. So aside from proper rest, we must consume food that helps regulate melatonin such as citruses like orange, lemons, pineapple, bananas, tomatoes and various kinds of vegetables. Lastly, of course you must not forget to do weekly workouts and basic exercises to aid your metabolism, detox, blood flow, and organ functions.