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Police Officer Michael Seney Speaks Out Against Constitutional Rights Violation


With the growing people protesting and pushing back against the tyrannical lockdown and coronavirus policies, experts in medicine and sciences and people from the law enforcement agencies are now also coming out more and more to call out this seemingly draconian so-called measures. Here is another police officer named Michael ZInni:       


My name is Michael Zinni, I wanted to make a quick video after seeing one recently from a fellow police officer who pointed out and was very verbal about his thoughts that I believe many of us share so I decided to make my own video and encourage others to do the same. What we’ve seen in recent months is none other than what I believe is going to be the biggest power-grab in the American history. We’ve seen the constitutions seemingly suspended and constitutional rights of citizens tossed aside under the guise of safety and security, something that we’ve seen before as well.

I’ve sworn and oath to the constitution against… (inaudible) and I stand on that oath and I will continue to stand on that oath. There is not a human being that can alter my oath between myself and the constitution, my self and God. Choice means having multiple options. If you find only looking only at what you see on one news or the other, that’s not choice, you’re just falling in line. I asked every human being, every American citizen to question things and look at them, look at both sides. Anyone that knows me from my political side of my life knows that I don’t really walk one side hard left or hard right, I stand somewhere on the middle; place I’m proud to be. But you have to look and at least acknowledge some of these videos like “plandemic” where we have doctors out there talking about some things that are inconsistent with what you’re seeing in mainstream media. At least look at it. Look at it and then decide “OK does that makes sense or not?” Make a choice because that’s what freedom’s about…choice. But if you’re not even watching these things, you’re just taking one side and just eating every bit of it, projecting it, then what are you really? Sheep, OK? We work for more than that, expect more. You’re supposed to educate your self before you vote. I always do, I read things, that’ part of where I’ve made it this far of like and my opinion’s made because I make them.

The officer also mentioned the word “plandemic” and talked about censorship on Facebook and also mentioned Bill Gates:

Censorship going on right now on social media is alarming issue. It should alarm you. Videos have been taken down under the guise of “for public safety”. And here’s another point that fires me up to no end – when you have men in power literally saying that you are not allowed to protest during the pandemic. You’re not allowed to protest during the pandemic? Right, you don’t want people on top of each other. But then you need to stop making laws and changing things. The entire American system of government is based on the fact that you work for the people. And when you push the people too hard they come together and tell you, “You need to knock it off!” So when you’re saying you cannot exercise that hugely important American right but you still continue to make laws and change things and implement changes that have far reaching effects, do you see the monopoly here? “Don’t protest, not allowed to protest, don’t leave your house or we’re gonna change XYZ”. And then suddenly I see Bill Gates suddenly in-charge of New York education? He’s got no background in that, he’s just a good computer guy. I don’t buy any of this. You wanna change our entire way of life…

I despise every single time I’m forced as a healthy person to walk around here with a mask on. I don’t like it, it’s unconstitutional. It is completely unconstitutional. So if you’re OK with it at least be able to admit and say “Yes, it is unconstitutional but I support breaking the constitution from time to time”. But don’t sit here and say that somehow that anybody that dissents your opinion that you should be locked in your house for three months or four months is somehow “not supporting the team”. I’m out here supporting the team every day.

Just like Army Ranger Iraq War Veteran & Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson, he also talked about his experience in combat before and relate it to the people’s tendency to revolt:

I served in combat theatres all over this world.  And there is that other point I wanted to make. This other police officer did to a special army operator, now he’s police officer. He proved a great point and then it hit me hard this morning when I watched his video. He says flat out how terrible combat is. And a lot of this people don’t understand how close it could be when we really start trampling on people’s rights for them to rise up. That is part of the American spirit. And we’re seeing these people start to talk and the chatter’s up, hence, you know all the suppression on social media. I’ve been overseas and I’ve been on combat and it’s terrifying. When I was in a country that has been abused for hundreds of years under a complete and utter dictatorship and with old equipment and limited supplies they put up one heck of a fight. Those of you out there that think that somehow Americans are just gonna roll over and continue to let you trample all over there rights, especially police officers, I will tell you, I am not naïve to what some of these people in the world have, in Americans especially, kind of hardware they keep locked in deep dark places. And I am well aware of their fighting spirit because five years ago, six years ago I was one of them too. I put on a badge because I’m proud to serve my community in a helpful manner. I wear this badge right here because I support the constitution in the USA and I already accept and resigned my self that I’d be willing to risk my life for anyone else is that I stated and oath to serve.

People need to open their eyes, look what’s going on, look at multiple media sources, look at some of these videos and really ask your self, is all making sense to you? If you are a police officer out there, I hope you all start to really get the nerve to speak your mind and speak the truth; point out these things and hopefully other will join. We’re starting to see doctors out there. They come together to really make it clear that we support the constitution, we support human life and protecting the most human life you can in this country. We can’t do that if we cripple our economy and send our young and healthy to erase their immune system in their homes. I support everyone’s right of free choice, whether you wanna stay in your house or not, that’s up to you and I support every bit of your right to do that because this is America but stop virtue signaling and acting like the rest of us are criminals because we wanna go visit our relatives. I tell you right now, I visit my family. Yes I do! And I’ll continue to do that, and there’s not a human being that’s gonna stop me from doing that. The rest of you out there, I will you all the best, be safe, educate your self and just know there are officers out here that understand what’s going on and we stand to defend the oath to the constitution above all else. Thanks!

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