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Doctor Exposes the Dangers of Remdesivir and other Drugs that are Being Recommended by NIH


Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) is not recommending remdesivir, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the most hated government official in the US, along with his National Institute of Health (NIH) still continues to recommend remdesivir as a so-called treatment for the alleged viral illness COVID19. On its advisory last updated on August 25, 2021 entitled “Therapeutic Management of Hospitalized Adults With COVID-19”, the NIH openly admits that they are still recommending remdesivir to be used as part of the official medical protocol. While on its website, the WHO’s advisory last updated November 20, 2020, it was stated:


“WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.

This recommendation, released on 20 November, is part of a living guideline on clinical care for COVID-19. It was developed by an international guideline development group, which includes 28 clinical care experts, 4 patient-partners and one ethicist…

…work on this began on 15 October when the WHO Solidarity Trial published its interim results. Data reviewed by the panel included results from this trial, as well as 3 other randomized controlled trials. In all, data from over 7000 patients across the 4 trials were considered.

The evidence suggested no important effect on mortality, need for mechanical ventilation, time to clinical improvement, and other patient-important outcomes.”

So how come this recommendation from the WHO is not being implemented in hospitals? Why do the NIH and the WHO have different recommendations when they’re supposed to work together in, (let’s say SARS2 has been isolated, purified, and genetically characterized) solving the so-called pandemic? This even goes back to April, during the early days of the panic-driven psychotic fear-mongering schemes by the COVID industrial complex, which includes Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci of course, maximized by the power of the media through 24/7 news and propaganda. So according to Fauci in April 2020, remdesivir “will be the standard care” even though at the same statement he admitted that it’s “not yet been peer-reviewed”.

Now if you listen carefully to this statement by Dr. Fauci, the respected National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director and the man who is at the same time being blamed by many doctors and scientists for so many deaths caused by AZT, his recommended drug for AIDS, is playing with words through double-speak, euphemism, and even deliberate lies and deception. For example, he stated:

“We think it’s opening the door to the fact that we now have the capability of treating COVID-19…”

The reason why we’re making the announcement now is something that I think people don’t fully appreciate. Whenever you have clear cut evidence that you have a drug that works, you have an ethical obligation to immediately let the people in the placebo group know so that they can have access. ..

We would have normally waited several more days. The data may change, but the conclusion won’t.”

Fauci then added that “the mortality rate trended toward being better in the remdesivir arm, 8% vs. 11%”.

The truth is that remdesivir, along with other drugs that are currently being recommended by the NIH, particularly dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory and the antibiotic vancomycin, are found to be causing these deaths in hospitals through severe kidney damage and multiple organ failure, resulting to pulmonary edema or the drowning of one’s own lung. This is the main reason why many patients die and not because of the so-called COVID19 (which is not yet objectively proven to exist anyway) or what they labeled COVID pneumonia (which is still just pneumonia anyway!).

What’s disturbing is the possibility that perhaps, most government health agency right now around the world is recommending this cocktail of organ damaging drugs. As Dr. Bryan Ardis has revealed, the holistic doctor who’s been exposing the dangers of remdesivir since last year, this drug has “caused acute kidney failure in 35 percent of patients who used the drug within five to ten days”. And when mixed with dexamethasone and vancomycin, it caused acute kidney failure in “up to 45 percent of patients in a span of five days”. This bleak story on the current protocol given by the NIH while being tolerated by other government agencies is yet another candidate for cover-up. This is really true in many hospitals. Despite high rates of negative effects, particularly severe kidney poisoning, the drugs are still being used and the people are still being treated like mere experimental objects. As Dr. Ardis explains:  

“When you cause acute kidney failure with drugs that they’re using in ICUs … while they have an intravenous drip that is putting water into their body – their abdomen, heart and lungs eventually fill up with water.”

And, as dark as it sounds, he also stated:

“They are using remdesivir the same way that they used gas chambers to destroy people in Germany. This is how they’re doing it, and perpetuating those deaths, using a drug in hospitals.”

All of this, according to Dr. Ardis, results to pulmonary edema, a water accumulating in the lungs. This, unfortunately, is mistakenly diagnosed as COVID pneumonia.

Indeed, there was a trial for remdesivir last year. As Rhoda Wilson of theexpose.uk reported on September 2:

“In June 2020 a trial was published of 61 patients with Covid-19 who were given a 10-day course of remdesivir. The results of that trial noted “12 patients (23%) had serious adverse events. The most common serious adverse events — multiple-organ-dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, acute kidney injury, and hypotension … Four patients (8%) discontinued remdesivir treatment prematurely: one because of worsening of pre-existing renal failure, one because of multiple organ failure, and two because of elevated aminotransferases, including one patient with a maculopapular rash.”

Meanwhile, in a podcast with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, and his team, Dr. Ardis stated that Dr. Fauci recommends remdesivir based on first, the study for ebola in 2018, in which it was never proven effective and safe, and the second study which was sponsored by the same company that manufactures remdesivir. This started in March 2020, involving 53 COVID patients from 3 countries: Japan, America, and Canada. Dr. Ardis added that the subjects were then given remdesivir for 28 days, based on studies quoted by Dr. Fauci in the links posted at the NIH website. Dr. Bryan Ardis then explained that aside from remdesivir, there was another drug that Fauci also pulled out because of its highly toxic effects. Meanwhile, the other study quoted has shown that “22% of all 53 patients experienced the 4 lethal side effects”, as mentioned above. Anyway, we recommend you to see the full video here:

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