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A Filipino Physical Therapist Speaks Out Against the Coronavirus Corruption


A physical therapist known as Dr. Ron has been posting videos on Facebook speaking out against the coronavirus corruption that is currently happening in the Philippines. According to his bio, Dr. Ron “graduated with his Bachelors in Physical therapy from Fatima University in Valenzuela, Philippines, and later on graduated with a Doctor of physical therapy degree from Utica College, NY”.


In one of his videos, he talked about so many important things such as some of the medical doctors in the Philippines, without name dropping, being involved in a massive insurance fraud under the pretence of COVID fake pandemic; mainly through PhilHealth Insurance Corporation, a government corporation attached to the country’s Department of Health (DOH); about how this alleged health crisis is being highly militarized, how some of the government sanctioned hotels are taking advantage of the people who are quarantined as COVID positive by giving no choice what to eat; how hospitals are making huge money by forcing people to take the rapid testing, and about the country’s vaccination scheme.

According to him:

“We have been confined for over a year. So many people are suffering, so many people are struggling, so many have lost their job, when will this end? Do you know when? When the election comes. Therefore, vote wisely.”

Dr. Ron is also sceptic about the authenticity of many of the country’s coronavirus reports. Although he believes that the virus exists, he does not believe on the claimed fatality of this. He stated:  

“Why there are no proofs? Why there are no dead bodies on the streets? Why beggars on the street are not getting it and dying from it? Is it because they have no health insurance? Because they cannot afford to pay? They cannot travel? Why people who have the capabilities to travel, to do business, those who have income are the only target of the virus? This is the first time that I saw a virus that only chooses those who can afford things in life.”  

Talking about the vaccines, Dr. Ron stated:

“I’m not going to get that vaccine because it’s not yet tested, not proven to be safe and effective.”

He also claims that the cost of SINOVAC vaccines is about 650 Php and that the department that is in-charged in distributing proposes that the employers or businesses in the country should buy it for 3,600 Php. He then asked:

“Why should business owners like us pay the vaccines, are we the ones causing the virus?

…It’s so unfair on how we do things in the Philippines.

It’s all about money now. Some people are making money because the election is coming. Rapid testing is rampant everywhere, in NAIA (airport) it’s required for OFW’s coming from abroad and also to go out of the country…”   

On the later part of the video Dr. Ron also asked his audiences if they remember the scam regarding the 15 billion peso loss in PhilHealth; adding that many doctors were involved in the that scandal. He stated that one of the reasons is because most medical doctors in the country “do not know how to run a business, do not know how to advertise” that’s why they saw the rapid testing as an “opportunity for easy money”.

In addition, Dr. Ron also said that the scam is also being done through “labelling everything under COVID”, especially on poor patients who don’t have enough money, and that “the only people who have the capability to do this are medical doctors” because “they are the ones who charge the bill in PhilHealth”. He then continued:     

“You’re tainting the country… you took the oath.  

If you are one of the doctors doing this, stealing, disrupting the billing system and the insurance in PhilHealth and all that stuff, shame on you for being part of the problem.”  

Currently, many Filipinos are starting to see something wrong with what is happening and as of the month of February, Rappler reported that 46% of the Filipinos are unwilling to take the COVID vaccines. One of the reasons is that many Filipinos have read information from the internet, especially through social media sites like Facebook, reporting about injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. Many of these valid reports are not being published in mainstream news. However, on March 17, a local news outlet in Mindanao reported that the City Health Office (CHO) of Davao reported “32 cases of adverse reactions after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine”. These include health workers who were “rushed to the government hospital for shortness of breath”.

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