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German Medical Doctor Kathrin Korb speaks about COVID19, Lockdown and the Vaccine during a protest in Oldeburg, Germany


As the Covid-19 hoax and many of its myths are being exposed to the world day by day, another doctor in Germany is speaking up against the unconstitutionality of the government’s lockdown policy as the country is now being bombarded with the narrative of the so-called “new normal” in the media; showing advertisements that depict “happy” people enjoying ‘social distancing’ while children “picking out their designer masks and smiling”. Kathrin Korb, a mother of three children, was invited to at the Oldenburg rally and delivered a very inspiring speech.


Here are some of the words she said during here introduction:

I’m standing here because I feel responsibility for the health of my patients, my children and myself. I stand here because I’m furious about the attempts to get more control over the people, by attacking them with fear. I’m not sure what happens exactly, though I’m sure it has to do with money and power. Firstly, I recognize this principle. It’s the principle of our healthcare system! A system which is unfortunately is guilty of spreading fear in order to earn money. This fear is on both our sides, my side as a doctor, but also my patients.

Explaining about how the pharmaceutical companies threaten doctors like her while also forcing them to inflict fear to their patients, she explained:

There are guidelines I have to follow, guidelines for various health problems. But who is writing these guidelines? I will give you an example: there is a European guideline for heart diseases. There are 25 different authors who draft these guidelines, 19 of which are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. They call it an “advisory fee”. The guidelines state that I must prescribe medications that have a lot of side effects but that do not make people better. This makes a lot of money. If I don’t follow these guidelines and something happens to these people, for example, the situation is deteriorating for whatever reason, then I will be held responsible for that. So fear is cultivated so that I have to act against my professional beliefs.

The sick people are also frightened; “If you do not take these pills, you will have a heart attack.” “Then you will become even more sick than now.” “Listen to me; I can know, I studied for it.” “You are not sensible enough to think for your self!” “There is therefore no room to discuss this.” As a result, people fear taking this medication day after day, week to week, year to year, which makes a lot of money. That’s the way.

Dr. Korb also outcries how the rights of the citizen are being violated and how the German government is also doing similar to what the pharmaceutical companies are doing to her patients:

Since the beginning of this corona crisis, we have been kept in a kind of shock state with frightening messages. Our government says there is a new virus so terribly dangerous that millions will die. “If we don’t protect you!” “We know best what is good for because we have the experts.” “You cannot make a decision for your self, you are too stupid for that.” “We have to isolate you, take away your rights and silence you by putting on a muzzle. But, we really all do this for your protection!” “We frighten you so much every day through the most horrible reports that you won’t even dare to ask your self if it’s all right.” The mantra of the authorities is: “Only when we have a vaccination we can return to “normal”. In other words, only a vaccination can give us back our fundamental rights.

Dr. Korb also warns the audience and her patients not to take the Covid-19 vaccines:

This week Ms. Von Den Leyen (EU) has collected 7.4 billion euro worldwide for the development and distribution of such a vaccine. Also, Germany has paid 525,000 euro. Normally, the development of such vaccination takes years. That’s because security investigations need to be done. This new virus from the corona family was discovered less than six months ago, but experiments with “mRNA” are already being tried on humans. This is unknown genetic material that will be injected into our cells. You don’t have to be a doctor to get an ominous feeling about this. I will not be vaccinated, I will not get my children vaccinated, and I will also advise my patients not to do this!

Meanwhile, she also explained how the German government violates the citizens through using tax money without any process of asking for the consent:

Paragraph Two of the Constitution does not specify: RIGHT TO HEALTH but right to physical integrity. That is a very big difference. So there is no right to health! Being sick is part of our human life, but no one should inflict physical harm on us, even with a dubious vaccine. We are the ones paying for this. We already pay for the scientific and social impact of the lockdowns. OUR TAX MONEY is spent for this. And a vaccine must be financed with our tax money! Already 525M euro German tax money and this is only the beginning. Are we being asked if we want to do this? Are we asked if we want to pay for lockdowns? NO! All this money, the taxes we’ve paid, we want that to be spend on other things. For good education for our children, for the development of new technologies for the environment, for decent wages for employees in our “vital” professions. For immigration of people who fled for the war. For sports, culture, etc. etc. This list is endless. In short, for things that make and keep people healthy. But with this, no money can be made.

And as her closing statements, she then offered a solution to the crisis while also asserting the importance of freedom and bodily autonomy:

We are in a crisis. What is the way out of this crisis? The victory over fear is the way out of this crisis. People who can think for themselves, being creative, think responsibility for themselves, working on their own health and the health of our world. People who are positive, who have friends, who enjoy life, do not get sick easily. And if they do get sick, they eventually unite with death. Knowing that life in this world will ever end and are at peace with it. You can’t scare this kind of people. You have no power over this people. This body has only been borrowed, someday I will have to give it back. But as long as I live in this body, as long as I feel, think and act, it will be my body! I am responsible for that and no one else. My body, which I treat in the way I think is right. I do not wish to return to the old normal. I wish for a “new better normal”. With free and self-determined people, who are responsible for themselves. I believe many of us are here together with the same wish. This gives me hope and I thank you. Thank you!

The video was originally translated by a company called BananaMediaQ. To watch her full speech, watch here: