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What is Conscious Parenting?


Thousands, perhaps down to hundreds of years ago, our ancestors raise their children in a very different way compared to today. In different parts of the world, there were numerous parenting ways practiced by different cultures across the continents and for many reasons, their natural method has worked well and has resulted into more healthy generations down to our time. Although of course, there were many times humanity has been plagued by various lethal health hazards which brought massive deaths but that’s going to be another story. But imagine that all throughout history, the fact that we still survive up to these days means that our DNA has evolved to be fully equipped with natural defense against both organic and inorganic harm and we’ve become so biologically well-adapted because of the help of these parenting practices.


Raising a child is very critical and anyone planning to raise a family should be sincerely prepared if they truly want a positive result for their child and their family. The first important thing everybody must consider is the pregnancy stage. Proper care for a pregnant person should be guaranteed in every households if we are to talk about the most basic priorities in parenting. There also should be proper education for every teenager, to orient people and educate them about every aspect of this responsibility. For example, a pregnant woman must not be exposed to polluted and stressful situations and should avoid foods that are contaminated with toxic chemicals such as preservatives, pesticides, etc. as it will surely affect also the health of the baby in any possible way. This basic nutritional aspect should be taken seriously but unfortunately, even doctors and nurses these days do not seem to get alarmed by how our child, through our deteriorating quality of food and environment, is being exposed to various toxins more and more.   

Anyway, to remember, give thanks, and re-consider those natural ways that helped generations of parents along the history, let’s take a quick look at various conscious parenting techniques that really works well for many.

Water birthing – this is when a woman gives birth in a bath tub or a pool of clean water. This practice goes back all the way to the ancient. The first water birth was in Europe during the year 1805 in France. A mother whose labour was helped into a warm bath and after immersing herself in the tub of water, her labour progressed and she then successfully gave birth to her baby in the water. 

Breastfeeding – breastfeeding is the oldest way a human mother feeds her child. The oldest as it is the normal method humans used to feed their infants. Feeding a child in this kind of natural way will bring so many benefits especially when a mother feeds herself well, so she can produce enough milk for months.

Co-sleeping – you need to bond with your child most of the time. This is very important both for his physical and brain development. This is an innate expectation encoded into the child’s DNA and by providing these psychological and emotional needs, as they grow the child develops with a sense security, fulfillment, and joy enabled by the presence of the parents.

Organic diet – many people overlooked the significance of organic diet to children. When it comes to children’s nutrition, pesticide and preservatives-free diet are way more beneficial and healthy to the child’s development. There is no question that organic food will greatly help the child’s body and immune system as it is typically toxin-free and still complete in vitamins and minerals. 

Recycling – in different places, there are few parents who use recycled clothes as a diaper for their baby/babies. Typically, these are ecologically conscious mother caring not only to the environment but also to the issue of over production in the clothing industries. Some of these companies are so-called sweatshops exploiting cheap labors.

No TV and Gadgets – some parents intentionally deprive their children of unnecessary electronic gadgets. Experts said these things can affect children’s psychological development so much as the young person’s brain/thinking is so sensitive and very easy to influence as they are on a stage where they are currently learning. Everything they encounter or experience are very interesting and these kinds of technology over-stimulates their brain, functioning as unnatural processes.

Anyway, for sure there are other great techniques for parenting like these ones. It is now your tasks to learn more from the internet. Meanwhile, here are few more positive parenting tasks to do:

You need to find a doctor that supports alternative approaches and do not consider natural method as useless or less effective. A smart doctor will always choose more the natural way as everybody knows that it is the only way to heal effectively. Therefore, he or she will not dismiss the fact that so-called alternative medicine really works. In addition, every physician must also be concerned about the side effects of synthetic medications as they will lead to other complications in the long run. Next is, give your self time to learn and understand important things about parenting. Do your own research, ask other parents for their experiences, read a lot of articles or watch many documentary films, interviews, tutorials, etc. as it will make you more informed and therefore, decide better. It is also very helpful if you connect to other conscious parents or groups about parenting and share your thoughts, concerns, and experiences. 


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