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Forgiving One’s Self from Mistakes


At some point in our lives we commit mistakes that we consider serious and even sometimes, unforgivable. It is perfectly normal to feel upset, frustrated, regret, and even ashamed about our mistakes. What is not healthy is that sometimes we don’t forgive our self from these mistakes and we let the worries dwell in our hearts by not working to process them and to heal from them. We carry them inside of us wherever we go and we let them influence our perspectives and judgements about situations and things. Of course, by processing and healing our self, it means that we must sincerely think about our mistake and we must promise our self to not do them again, especially if the mistake seriously hurts other people. In this way, recovery from these psychological and emotional discomforts will be possible.  


For some people, regret, resentment, and shame from a mistake or sometimes even from a simple unpleasant deed or situation greatly affects their outlook and attitude towards life. Sometimes, it controls their thoughts and emotions, affecting their self-esteem and other personality factors that are important for navigating this world and understanding the vastness of reality within the self. It sometimes leads them to addiction, isolation, self-loath and even serious depression and other kinds of mental illness. Letting these negative notions of one’s self remain unprocessed for a longer period of time will only bring more health problems in our life and will only destroy our relationship with other people. This is why forgiving your self from mistakes and accepting your flaws whenever possible is very necessary if you want to stay mentally healthy for the rest of your life.  

If we are earnest in changing them, it is always important to remember that our unintended wrongdoings cannot really define our life and our identity. Our journey on this earth is so immense and there are surely more and more things to know, experience, and learn from. Our mistakes shouldn’t have to be the cause of self-rejection and distrust; these will only bring us to further feelings of insufficiency and inferiority, a sense of emptiness that leads to envy for other people’s happiness or success. In facing our individual trials, we cannot be resilient if we don’t forgive our self and put all our self-doubt down. For us to truly reach our highest spiritual evolution, understanding our own minds and its propensities with empathy and compassion is an essential tool to heal our self and the society we live in.