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Attachment Parenting: What is it Really About?


It was found out in studies that “attachment parenting” style helps a lot in creating healthy bond between the child and the parents and could bring different positive results to the development of the child’s personality and character. Children who grew up in this kind of child rearing have been observed to be more independent and have better relations to their peers or immediate environment. This is why the attachment parenting movement plays an important role for educating parents on how to be responsive, positive, and consistent in raising their child/children. They encourage parents and would-be-parents to learn and apply the science of breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and co-sleeping as these could result to strong and healthy connections.


According to some experts of this parenting method, attachment parenting implies positive discipline. It is about looking beyond things, to comprehend the motivations behind the child’s actions. As a smart parent, one must understand the situations surrounding his or her child’s bad actions and not limit his or herself from many different possible factors. One must carefully raise the child so that they will not damage him nor pamper him in any way. Instead of suppressing your child’s impulses, try to see them manifest, with your guidance of course, while also analyse them and contemplate on them. In this way, you can listen to what your child really wants and you can see how they express these desires. So instead of watching them all the time, waiting for them to commit mistakes, so you can correct them, just try to watch them get stumbled and rise on their own.

Treating your child like a real person in their early years will surely help them a lot in becoming a better person later in life. If you are honouring them in a healthy level, they will learn how to respect and value other people too. It is common to find out in studies that children who are being cared appropriately by their parents, provided them reasonable amount of attention while also answered to them with right affection and fondness, are more likely to grow up well and functional within the society. If you are being emotionally responsive to them, it would help them develop a healthy amount of trust and even affection, concern, and care for others. This is why establishing a close bond between the parents and the child is really important during the early stages; this is a very crucial stage. This has been the case for thousands of years, until great major changes in parenting came during the time when we are having major paradigm shifts in the industry and cultures as well. The rest is history!        

Lastly, another important practice in attachment parenting is co-sleeping. There are known many benefits from this method. The physical connection between the mother’s skin and the child’s alone has known to be so positive as it boosts the immune system of both. This is why sleeping together with other person(s), especially the ones you really love and adore, is so effective against insomnia and even depression. However, co-sleeping with babies has become controversial as many people raised concern about it for it may possibly strangle or suffocate the child when done inappropriately. According to experts, there is surely no doubt that co-sleeping has so many wonderful benefits but it is important to remember that it has a serious danger as well. So, do you want to be more emotionally connected to your child? Why not try attachment parenting?