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Filipino Doctors Protested Against Vaccinating Children


On August 4, the group called Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDC Ph), formerly headed by its co-founder Dr. Benigno “Iggy” Agbayani, has again held another online or live conference talking about the dangers of the government’s plan to include children on the recipient’s list for Covid-19 vaccines. The meeting was attended by different physicians and health professionals who are mostly against lockdown and other protocols that, according to them, do not make any sense from a scientific perspective. On the beginning of this online meeting entitled “Don’t You Dare Touch Our Children”, Dr, Dr. Homer Lim, the new president of the group, stated that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already announced the plan to vaccinate children last year. According to him:  


“Even in news they’re already talking about vaccinating kids. It looks like coordinated because one particular article followed by several news articles put on television, radio, etc. So I think there is really a big push to vaccinate the kids. I think this is a very important topic because these are kids and they will always need our consent. Remember, if they want to vaccinate kids they would need the parent’s consent because they’re minors. Unless of course they’d follow what they did in some states in the US where kids as young as 12 can be vaccinated without parent’s consent.”

Dr. Homer Lim graduated in University of Santo Tomas (UST) and has been practicing medicine for 18 years, especially the regenerative medicine. Currently, he serves as the vice president of the International Society for Integrated Anti-aging Medicine and also as president of the Philippine Society for Orthomolecular Medicine. He claimed that there is a “lack of transparency” when it comes to the real scientific data about these vaccines. On the said live conference, Dr. Lim said:

“I think a lot of people are not aware of the magnitude of the lack of transparency as well as the lack of data on these vaccines. You’ll be surprised. If you see the VAERS (vaccine adverse events reporting system) data, the US vaccine adverse events reporting system, they would even be injecting kids as young as six months. So that’s how nuts it is. So they started already the clinical trial on kids and they were checking any adverse reaction. Of course they would not even have to check whether this vaccine actually works. They already know that these vaccines will have an immune response; we know the effect on the immune system, the immune response…”

Meanwhile, another CDC Ph member Dr. Eric NMD also expressed his opposition to the idea of vaccinating children against the unproven virus SARS-CoV2. He claimed that parents should be informed well about the real science and harmful capability of this mRNA vaccine (mixed with different chemicals, aborted fetal cells, dead monkey cells, preservatives, and heavy metals) in which many doctors and scientists around the world have also spoken against. Warning the parents, the doctor stated:  

“Why this topic is very interesting for me is because I my self was vaccine injured when I was a child. So this is why I’m so against getting kids vaccinated. And then the added factor here is – it’s not tried or tested on kids at all! And then this is the experiment that they’re gonna do on our kids? People are not even aware that this is an experiment on their kids. They’re lining up their kids for this experiment; it’s like offering their kids for a sacrifice or something.

So I hope a lot of people will get this information and tell their neighbours, people that they know that – “don’t do this, you are giving your child for an experimental vaccine”. This is what it’s all about, it’s not about health, it’s about an experiment that should not be done at all in the first place.” 

In addition to these health professionals who are against vaccinating children, another prominent Filipino toxicologist who is also a doctor and former professor of medicine in University of the Philippines (manila) named Dr. Romeo Quijano has also claimed that “the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus”. In an interview, Dr. Quijano stated:       

“I’m not going to take the vaccine because it’s more dangerous than the virus.

According to my research and study, I’ve been studying about vaccines for a long time, the vaccines that are being used right now is more harmful than the virus itself that’s why it’s very dangerous if they would also vaccinate the children.”   

He also explained why the public is oblivious about these alarming information regarding vaccine effects. According to him: 

“If you really look at it, it’s clear that in many scientific studies there are so many reported incidents around the world about people getting injured or killed by the vaccines. The problem is that these independent scientific data showing the adverse effects of vaccines are being suppressed. And that’s clear for any scientist who’s looking at this. For example, on the system for vaccine monitoring in the US or in Europe, the official report for vaccine death as of now reaches more than 5,000 and there are more than 500,000 reports for adverse effects in which half of it are “serious” (please take note that this keeps on rising every month). However, that is not being reported on the mainstream news and that is not being disclosed by the health authorities.”  

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