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Dr. Melissa Sell and the German New Medicine (GNM)


According to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, modern method of treatment such as chemotherapy, which includes not only radiation but also strong anti-tumor antibiotics and drugs, is very dangerous. Many experts agree on this and even currently, it is indisputable that most conventional cancer treatments result to infertility and illnesses because of the side effects of the methods being administered; be it from the drugs or due to the radiation.


Because of this observation, Dr. Hamer deeply contemplated on the how to properly address the body’s issue, especially the root-cause of the disease. And based on his personal experiences and clinical observations with over 40,000 cases, Dr. Hamer concluded that, with some exceptions, most diseases are mainly caused by unresolved unanticipated traumatic conflicts. Therefore in German New Medicine (GNM), a non-pharmacological intervention pioneered by Dr. Hamer, it is thought that the person’s psyche is the foundation of illness.

Today one of the most active advocates for GNM is Dr. Melissa Sell, an American chiropractor and holistic doctor. She does tutoring online and also produces very informative videos on her Youtube channel about GNM. According to Dr. Sell, GNM for her is a “game changer”. On he website, Dr. Melissa Sell wrote:   

“It takes everything I love about chiropractic philosophy (innate wisdom, body’s ability to heal itself) and combines it with the supremacy of the Mind and the science of evolution and embryology and delivers a complete understanding of how the body works to heal, what disease really is, and how to return to ideal function. I am eternally grateful for the work Dr. Hamer has done. His legacy and his amazing discovery will live on through me.

I started learning that the body is programmed for health and that everything that is necessary for healing is already present inside your body. I learned the importance of a healthy lifestyle: healthy spine, daily exercise, quality nutrition, and avoiding toxins.

I myself lacked Self-Understanding. I was prone to anxiety, addicted to stress, chronically overwhelmed, mentally inflexible, laden with guilt and regret, unable to find joy in the present, able to find the worst in other people, extremely judgemental, and although I appeared to “have it together” I was usually a mess internally…”

On her blogs, Dr. Sell often writes about the concept and the philosophy of GNM and how conventional medicine oftentimes mistakenly interprets our body’s functioning, how our organs communicate with other parts, especially on our psyche, and the nature of the biological conflicts we experience. Having a deep understanding about these things empowers us to take control of our health and allows us to respond appropriately to a specific issue. For example, talking about the mainstream perspectives on Tuberculosis, Dr. Sell stated:  

“Medical doctors know that millions of people have TB bacteria in their body, but do not have the “tuberculosis infection”. They even have a name for it: “latent TB”. That is a clear exception to the idea that “bacteria cause disease and if we could kill all these bacteria through antibiotics and vaccination we would all be healthier and safe from disease.”

This is the case with all bacteria! They know that staph and strep bacteria are present in the majority of people and that most of those people are expressing no symptoms of sickness, yet they still try to say that bacteria “cause” disease. The truth is that bacteria help us. They help keep our body functioning. We evolved together and we work together. After the person resolved their Death Fright Conflict and their lung stops proliferating additional tissue cells, the TB bacteria break down the tumor.”

Therefore according to GNM, in order for a person to have a healthy body he/she must first need to understand how the body and the organ functions and also understand the laws that govern our biological terrain in relation to how it interprets not only traumatic events but including the positive stresses. GNM discovered that psychology plays a very important role on our health, on how our system responses and regulates the information and experiences that our mind perceives. From the words of Dr. Melissa Sell herself:

“In order to be empowered to take conscious control of their health destiny, a person must learn how their body interprets upsetting emotional and life-threatening events and how to deal with and mitigate these responses.”