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Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Stefan Lanka, and Dr. Thomas Cowan on Dean’s Danes Show


It has been a year since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the alleged virus outbreak a pandemic without valid evidence whatsoever. Because of this global scam by the WHO, the big pharmaceuticals, and the funding global elites such as Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, etc., many people in the world suffer job loss, hunger, poverty, depression, and even death due to lockdowns and restrictions. Not only that, many people died because they have been “tricked”, if not forced, to take the vaccine against SARS-NCov-2 even though there has been no proof of its existence, let alone its “infection”. This deception is being done worldwide by declaring ordinary flu as COVID-19 disease through the use of bogus PCR test in which the inventor himself, Dr. Kary Mullis, has warned that it should not be used for diagnosing a so-called “viral disease”.


Until now, honest and ethical experts of biology, science, and medicine are still doing their best to counter the mainstream media propaganda that pushes this shameless fraudulent narrative. Of course, we all would agree that what they are doing is very important for the world to be free from this current crisis created by the criminal elites together with their lapdogs – the WHO, the media, the corrupt politicians, and the criminal police and military officials who agree and collaborate with this crime against humanity. For example, on March 4, 2021, a wonderful episode on Dean’s Danes channel featuring Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and Dr. Stefan Lanka was published. It was the first time that these three experts talked together in a platform to share their essential professional and scientific perspectives regarding the issue of viruses and vaccines.         

On the show, Dr. Stefan Lanka, the molecular biologist and virologist who exposes the “virus fraud” throughout history through his many technical and detailed scientific presentations, talked about many things including his intellectual influences and his experiences during childhood which led him to where he is right now. Dr. Stefan Lanka is a German scientist who, along with many unheard scientists, questions the validity of the many claims of mainstream science, especially subjects which are related to viruses, diseases, vaccines, and health in general. Dr. Lanka’s works are very helpful when it comes to the issue of virology, biology, and of course, virus fraud including HIV-AIDS, measles, bird/swine flu, and coronavirus. He learned about Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s medical discoveries and this made him more educated about biology and health and inspired him to continue spreading the knowledge. According to him:           

“I realized that every body, every piece of the body, outside, inside, every bone, has a consciousness of its own because a word can change it; a word can change your flesh, a word can kill you, a word can heal you. A thought even can heal you or prayer. And so I found my way back into spirituality, into belief because I realized: “hey, I’m a materialization of some body, context; consciousness for every organ, every part”… and so from that logic, you have to think that everything which you will see, represents a consciousness; a conscious being which is materializing for a time being.”

Another great thing about Dean’s March 4 episode is that these scientists also talked about their personal philosophies and what are the things that inspire and motivate them. Hearing this, it wouldn’t be difficult for people, especially those who are new to the topics they talk about, to understand why these experts are talking about things we don’t hear or see on the mainstream narrative or the information that aren’t recognized by the scientific establishment as facts. For example, when asked by Dean about his inspirations and philosophy in life, Dr. Andrew Kaufman answered:

“I think I’m always driven by justice; this is a really important thing for me and that when I identify injustices in the world or sometimes as a result of my own actions, as soon as I recognize that, I have this strong impulse to try and correct it. I think that has guided me throughout my life in a very significant way without me quite realizing that that was the “principle force”. And I think a corollary to that is that in order to determine the appropriate justice of a situation, you really need to also have knowledge; and it has to be truthful knowledge because that’s how you make a determination of what is just versus unjust or fair versus unfair.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas Cowan, a biologist and holistic doctor whose works about health and medicine have been so very useful to many practitioners of natural and holistic healing, including his six published books, five of which spent time on the Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble bestseller lists, stated after he talked about suicide rate in year 2020 as directly related to the coronavirus scandal:

“Anybody who doesn’t think this is having an unbelievably dramatic effect on teenagers and young people is simply not looking at the real world.”

What’s more interesting about Dr. Cowan’s part on Dean’s show is that he also talked about how to address this crisis on a different approach to be effective in educating people. By doing this, he uses his analogies and parables as examples. He emphasized that this viral disease hoax is not new but only different from the past virus frauds that has been inflicted upon humanity by the same ruling elites who believe in the importance of eugenics and population control. He also stated that one of the root problems is because humanity chose to be safe even at the expense of their freedom and that fear is the greatest obstacle for scientific progress and humanity’s evolution. Anyway, to hear more about the wonderful discussion, check the video here: