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ACU Founder Dr. Heiko Schoning Arrested at “We Do Not Consent” Rally in London


The German doctor Heiko Schoning, one of the founders of Germany’s ACU2020 group was arrested at “We Do Not Consent” rally In London on Saturday, September 26. The ACU2020 is an extra parliamentary investigating committee for the COVID 19 virus scam formed by Dr. Schoning, along with Dr. Bobo Schiffmann and Dr. Martin Haditsch and hundreds of other professionals and experts all across Europe.


The group was formed to conduct an investigation about the current manufactured health crisis not only in Germany but also in many parts of the world, calling for “free and open debate” with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other government agencies responsible for this massive scam that is killing not only the economy but also people, especially those who are suspected of having infected with the non-existent virus.

Together with other European experts on science and medicine, Dr. Heiko Schoning has teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the president of Waterkeeper Alliance and the founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD), and other doctors and scientists to lead this very important movement of our time; to bring people from all over the world together and demand for real and legitimate scientific facts regarding COVID 19 that the mainstream media and government agencies won’t report and disclose.

In his speech at the Berlin demonstration last August 29, Dr. Schoning explained to hundreds of thousands of protesters how they’ve gathered solid scientific evidences and data even from the WHO and the Centers for Diseases and Control Prevention (CDC) themselves proving that the death and cases being reported by the mainstream media are completely overblown and that the government’s reaction to the coronavirus hysteria is obviously nonsense and inappropriate. He also added:    

“We defend the Bill of Rights of suffering people, their health is under attack by organized crime that used a normal flu-like virus to create massive panic and economic lockdown. It’s the economy, stupid! We present the medical and scientific facts in this book, and for download on our website. We know this, it’s a scam, it’s a lie.

We the citizens, we have the power, we don’t need this organized crime. We organized a COVID19 extra-parliamentary inquiry committee. And we can do much more! We have the solution….”

Organized by different groups opposing the mandatory vaccination and the second lockdown in the UK, the rally has drawn thousands of people at London’s Trafalgar Square.  





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