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Dr. Eric Nepute, CHIRMD in St. Louis Missouri Complained about COVID-19 Fake Reports


A chiropractor from St. Louis Missouri is now standing up against the fear-mongering media reports regarding the COVID-19 data from the hospital. Dr. Eric Nepute is a chiropractic doctor practicing holistic medicine, he urges other doctors and health officials to call out bogus journalism and expose the deliberate attempts of mainstream news network in publishing fake news to create panic to the public.


In his video, he explained how the fake news was put out to mislead the citizens of Louisiana and Connecticut by reporting about the death of an infant. According to Dr. Nepute, the family refuted the report and said that their baby did not die because of the coronavirus but because of an accident. The governor of Connecticut, according also to Dr. Nepute, even tweeted about this stating that, “Infant died in Connecticut because of coronavirus”.

“As a doctor, it’s my job to take care of my community. That’s my job!”

It is very inspiring that Dr. Nepute is very concerned about honesty and care for the patients. He also questioned his fellow physicians, “Why are you not getting loud?” This is in relation to what makes the healthcare system embarrassingly rotten. He also said stated: “When doctors speak up about the truth, the ‘powers that be’ come after the doctors to suppress them and shut them up. That’s the world we’re living in right now. How many of you think that’s OK? It’s not!”

With regards to the rampant fake news and media deception, he emphasized:

“Right now what should be happening? People should be going to hospitals right now. Independent people should be going and ask to volunteer to hospitals and see how crazy it is. Journalist should be going inside of the Emergency Room and the ICU’s to find out what the hell is really going on in there.”

He also went on to continue pointing out that the statistics is also telling something about these falsely reported COVID-19 deaths as the records of non-coronavirus related deaths are dropping while the so-called coronavirus death is soaring high. He stated that deaths from pneumonia, flu, and heart disease are massively plummeting; meaning that there is really a manipulation of data happening. What he was saying was also consistent to what Dr. Annie Bukecek and Dr. Scott Jensen is saying; that almost every death these days is being labeled as COVID-19 death even if it’s not.

In the video, Dr. Nepute also suggested many important natural things people should do and take to boost their immune system to fight against diseases. One important thing that this doctor also mentioned in the video is the irony that doctors cannot claim what can help their patients anymore as this would go against the law. A doctor can only claim a cure if it is a drug; meaning that other methods and treatment such as naturopathy and other natural methods are not anymore allowed to be announced to the public. This is a very disturbing trend because it means the big pharmaceuticals have made it “unlawful” to inform the public what other methods could work against illnesses unless it is from them.

To elaborate this, he stated that, for example, if a doctor has his own method of curing serious diseases such as cancer and he inform the public about this, he might go to jail and his clinic might be shut down. He went on to continue: “You’re being lied to and you’re being a sheep if you’re letting it happen. Well that’s your decision if you wanna do that. I’m here to defend you; I’m here to defend my freedom; I’m here to defend my family’s freedom; my patient’s right to do with their life. I’m blown away why there are no doctors like me talking about this all over the place.”

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