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What are the Health Benefits of Farting?


Flatulence is healthy; this is according to fart experts. However, in many cultures this is considered embarrassing. The sound, the smell… it makes some people feel ashamed and the ones that are around them either laugh or get offended. However, in most instances, they just stay silent and ignore the person farting. Though, not all people who fart do it carelessly; some are just accidentally passing the gas because their stomach has failed to keep it inside. This means you cannot really keep inside something that is meant to be released. Though it is normal in some situations to suppress farting, keep in mind that doing it to too often is harmful to your digestive organs. 


In a very awkward situation, again as culture sees it, though it is normal, people had it while having a meeting with co-workers at the office and it causes chaos like a bomb explosion. While sometimes in a slightly silly circumstance, it comes out while you’re having a date with your new girlfriend/boyfriend. But from a scientific perspective, this is really not something to be ashamed of (I mean in a proper manner). In fact, this is necessary because flatulence is healthy and good for your physical health; it just means that your digestive system is functioning. This is just our body releasing the air that we’ve absorbed from chewing and swallowing our food. That’s why this is a process that us humans should never really feel embarrassed about (again, in an appropriate manner or situation). 

Gases that are built up in your gut are released by your body either through flatulence or through burping. If these gases do not get out of your system, it might lead to bloating that sometimes causes feeling of discomfort or even stomach pain. However, if you often experience bloating and you think it’s not normal, especially when your fart smells really bad all the time, or if you often experience excess gas after eating a healthy amount of food, it is important to take it seriously and perhaps consult your doctor. It means either you are having food allergies or your digestive system has a problem. 

Other benefits of flatulence that fart experts identified are: 

It lessens pain in the abdomen, it keeps the colon healthy, it protects the hemorrhoids, it helps you identify health issues, if keeps your stomach from bloating, it keeps your gut in balanced, it helps you choose a stable diet, and overall, it creates a feeling of relief. 

So now that you know that fart is a serious issue, start telling your friends about your good news! You can even initiate a local public fart awareness campaign. I mean, if you want to. However, before you celebrate and fart happily while dancing and while letting everyone notice, consider first the people around you because not all will be comfortable with its smell or perhaps, rarely, it might possibly come with a poop. Now that’s real embarrassing!