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Facts about Vitamin D and Sunbathing


It has been documented that many people around the world are vitamin D deficient. And it has also been well documented that getting vitamin D from sunlight is very beneficial to our body. However, people should keep in mind that this should be done properly because experts have also proven that “too much” exposure from the sun is the main cause of melanoma or skin cancer. But with regards to this, people of different regions or continents also have different skin characteristics therefor have different requirements and limitations to sun exposure. 


Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to many kinds of diseases. Some very common for this are bone and muscle weakness while some studies also associated vitamin D deficiency to risks of cognitive damage, cardiovascular diseases (ex. heart problems, coronary artery disease, blood vessel disease, etc.), asthma (usually in children), and even contributes to the development of different kinds of cancer. In women, it can be a cause for osteoporosis and other sorts of skeletal problems. Therefore it is very important to get enough supply of vitamin D especially during adult stages and in old age.

Vitamin D sources

One main function of vitamin D is to help the body use calcium for aiding the bones. However, new studies also proved its benefits in helping our immune system fight against different sorts of free radicals that pose various kinds of health threats. But these days it is difficult for many people to consistently get a regular supply of vitamin D that’s why it is really important to get this from many sources. In foods, vitamin D can be found in fish oil, eggs, milk, orange juice, cereals and soy. However, as much as possible be sure to get these foods from reliable sources or find organic kinds of these products. If you can’t regularly go out in the sun or have no safe access to these foods, getting vitamin D from supplements can also help. And if you’re a vegan, it will be more challenging, though, that’s why having enough amount of exposure from the sun on a regular basis is vital. 

Vitamin D from Sunbathing and its Risks

Many experts claim that sunbathing or being exposed to the sun for 10 to 15 minutes should be enough for your daily needs of vitamin D. However, just be sure to know your skin limitation because if you have too much, it will cause sunburn, heat rush and even cancer. Some people might also need sunscreen lotions but keep in mind that there are studies claiming this might also cause cancer. Therefore we suggest to find this out yourself. Depending on where you live and how your skin reacts to the sun, you might get a different result. Therefore it is very important to know your limitation because too much exposure to UV rays can damage your cells and DNAs and can result to melanoma. Skin cancer has been widely documented that’s why it is crucial to study this subject and observe your own skin’s capacity. 

Proven Benefits of Vitamin D

There are many studies about the benefits of vitamin D and enough sunlight that can be found in the internet from very trusted sources. It was well documented from many clinical studies that these can help boost your immune system, aid for better sleep, fight depression, boost mood, help you have stronger bones, and help resist against many kinds of health risks. But one thing to keep in mind is that you should really study more and be sure to have enough of vitamin D especially when getting it from sunlight. And lastly, keep in mind that other factors should also be considered such as your lifestyle and your diet. 

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