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Why Trees are Very Important


Trees are very important to human existence. In fact, humanity in the long run cannot survive, and have never existed in the first place, without trees. Our lifespan will be shorter if we exist in a world where there are no surrounding trees left. Therefore, humanity should value trees the way they value their lives. It is essential to us in many ways; it provides us many different things even matters that we don’t know, see, or even understand. Though, we are not the only living thing dependent on trees, plants and animals too. Many species, including us humans, cannot live a real life without trees. We literally get our food for survival, as humans in so many circumstances, from trees. It also helps produce and protects the water we drink. Aside from providing all sorts of things we need – wood, shelter, structural materials, medicine etc. – it help sustains many vital things on this planet.    


Trees and the evolution and survival of human and animal species

There are numerous amount of value tree provides not only to animals and humans but also to the ecology in general. Of course, all things are connected and when you are talking about organic life here on earth, trees are part of the natural cycle and to our survival as a species. Trees give us air and protect us from various health hazards and other threats. It also helps us environmentally not only by preventing floods and shielding us from air pollution but it also helps our soils maintain and develop nutrients on so many ways. Leaves from tress that fell to the ground all throughout millions of years of evolution have a very significant role in nourishing the soil that helps produce the food we need.

Trees and human civilization

If you live in the city, it is very important to plant or maintain trees around your area. This is because trees help maintain the oxygen we need clean and it also absorbs many kinds of environmental toxins we humans produce as an industrial society. Aside from literally filtering smog and other pollutants through its leaves and branches such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide, it also releases different kinds of body healing elements such as antibodies, a kind of protein that the human immune system uses to neutralize or fight against all sorts of pathogens such as bad bacteria and viruses. So by intercepting these air pollutions, trees guard us and help us by minimizing toxicity.

Trees and the ecology

Trees also affect the climate by directly meddling with the rain, sunlight, and the wind. This is because trees help absorb UV rays from the sun, therefore neutralizing the radiance especially in large amount. It lowers the temperature of the air and also decreases the heat. If the area has many large trees, this can also protect houses from strong winds and rains and also from hails. If typhoons and storms come, a place which has many strong and tall trees will be very lucky to be protected. Aside from shielding the communities through its parts on the above, it also works below by controlling the flow of the water from the heavy rains by absorbing the significant portions through its roots; therefore preventing floods and soil erosions. In addition to this, trees also control sediments from heavy rains while averting the chemical transports into streams and waterways; thus, protecting the ground water.