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Reasons Not to Believe the “Extinction Prediction”


It’s 2020 and we are still facing so many environmental problems that are seemingly, if not totally, difficult to solve. Many of us, I assume you are one, tried our best to do the right things and, I assume, many of us too have given up, thinking, “I must be so silly and naive”. However, I also assume that many of the people who thought of stopping deep inside believe that their actions have somehow helped the collective effort no matter how small. It is normal for some of us to feel that way especially when you compare people like you who, let’s say, did so much effort and put the principles in practice to people who really don’t care at all, let alone those who are completely not aware of what’s really happening to our environment or world.


It is not easy; of course we all know that this is true. It would be an obvious denial if we say to ourselves the opposite. But when thinking that at least you did your part – you changed your lifestyle, your diet, and the way you look and treat nature – it is still somehow great for our self-esteem, for our mental health, and for our over-all outlook in this existence. Although some of us have become so extreme, so hardcore that, unfortunately, their desire and dedication to change things around them with regards to the environment has made them so resentful and even misanthropic. But of course, you cannot really blame them.  

There are reasons to be angry, this is obvious. But channeling the anger and the hate towards the ignorant or the apathetic individuals is not healthy or helpful either. I think we would all agree that most of us also realized that collective action is the final most important factor that can solve the problems that drive this environmental deterioration we are all experiencing; that the absence of that is one of the reasons why it is very hard to fix these problems. As above, so below; as within, so without, so they say. So instead of focusing on this flaw, I believe we should just do our best to continue doing the right things while positively influencing others, as long as we can, and don’t obsess so much on the result. That if, you are still willing to continue contributing.   

Personally, I believe human extinction will not happen. At least not that soon as to when that might happen just like many extreme climate activists are claiming. If you would ask me why, I can give you several valid reasons (see also the links attached below). First, is that most of the predictions regarding the climate were proven false and did not happen. Perhaps, few of those claims did but for sure, most did not. However, it depends on what climate change extremists and doomsday prophets (as what others call many of these people in the movement) mean by the word extinction. I can say that yes, if we don’t really get our acts together there will be some catastrophic things coming. In fact, some of these are happening already and definitely yes, some of these environmental disasters are the direct results of human ignorance and irresponsibility. Industries and consumers are polluting the planet on a massive scale than ever; there is no denying on that. But saying that humanity will end soon is a fear mongering tactic that have been already shove on our throat ever since.

Another reason is that if you really try to look around, there are still glimmering lights on the horizon and some things are improving; that if you really want to recognize the bright side. Yes we are still far from the real solutions but improving these is far better than abandoning the ship and just point the finger. So if you have started your own actions already, it would be better to continue them. And if not, it’s definitely not too late to learn how. There are many ideas you can find online and here are some – you can reduce your waste by recycling and reusing (use non-plastic materials as much as possible, stop buying things you don’t really need, stop buying unnecessary clothes, cut the unnecessary consumption, etc.), be conscious about your food, cancel your plan to buy a car and use public transport instead (or use a bike for transportation if you can), practice composting, learn food gardening, support the organic agriculture movement, plant a tree, study and learn about real renewable energy, connect to eco-conscious people, raise community awareness, and participate in the government’s effort that genuinely help the environment. Of course, it’s impossible to be perfect but at least do your best.               

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