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Things to Consider in Making Decisions in Life


It is impossible to be perfect in a society we live in and all individuals, especially young ones, commit a lot of mistakes in their lives. Mostly, these mistakes will have an impact or consequence in our future. So it is important to be conscious as much as possible and learn from experiences, good or bad. However, experiences alone will not guarantee that you will learn enough things that can help you improve for your future life. One good way to do is to listen to others or observe other people through their experiences and stories. In this way, you can avoid wasting time or even bad results by learning from their experiences. It’s like getting a shortcut; so to speak.


Many people in their middle age regret not so important, sometimes utterly stupid, things that they did during their younger years. But the good thing is, today you can find various meaningful articles from the internet that will surely provide you helpful information for your decisions and options. For as long as you are not already in your mid 50s or in your 70s, you still have enough time to do something to make your life better; depending on your social situation or your health, though. But for the most part, if you are still young, a teenager or in your early 20s, you are very lucky to come across with these kinds of information. So here are things you might want to know to avoid messing your life around; some wisdom learned from experiences and from different sources/people that will surely give you useful ideas.      

The Consequences of Instant Gratification and Addiction

Dopamine is the main neurochemical that causes addiction. In this age, there are plenty of things in the world that an individual can easily obtain or experience that will provide satisfaction in an instant. Some examples are drugs, sex, porn/orgasm/masturbation, entertainment, etc. Whenever you get satisfaction in a very easy way, be careful as it might lead to undesirable consequences. Addiction in general is not healthy; it will consume a lot of your time and even destroy your physical and mental health. It is a dependency we must all avoid.

The Impacts of Exciting New Information

As a young person, you are very hungry for experiences as your brain is still on the process of learning many new things in life. And it’s true that there are many interesting and wonderful things in the world to learn and explore. However, it is important to know that one should not always accept anything or any information/idea that comes to you. Sometimes, if not mostly, such information isn’t really true or helpful at all; even detrimental to your well-being.

The Importance of Using Money Responsibly

As a young person, you should learn that every amount can be very important especially during times of difficulty. Though of course, you should enjoy life and spend money for these enjoyments. However, just be wise and sure you don’t do it often or you spend it to things that wouldn’t greatly harm your health. As much as possible, use money responsibly or use it to things that really benefit you or other people that are important to you. Also, be careful on investing on things especially if you just desire to get it to impress other people. Mostly, only shallow or vain people care so it doesn’t really matter; your effort to impress others though material things is useless so these things usually end up garbage. So before you invest on something make sure you really need it or you did enough research and contemplation about it. And lastly, know also that saving is very important.

The Importance of Constant Learning

The value of education cannot be denied. However, this also depends on what kind of school you’re into or the quality of education you’ve acquired. But regardless, always remember that learning doesn’t have to end after school graduation. Just like you are learning before you started school, you should still be learning after school. Today, the internet is one of the best sources for helpful information especially if you know how to utilize them properly. As we all know, many information from the internet are also useless or even harmful. In addition, experience also really counts. Therefore, learning and application of knowledge should not end as long as you are still alive.

The Consequences of Always Making Everybody Happy and Satisfied

Sure it is good to help, show respect, and provide kindness to people you value; even to random strangers, if necessary. However, spending most of your time pleasing other people will not gonna help you become a better person in the long run. Besides consuming your precious time, this will also develop or result into psycho-pathology, self-misery, and dependency. It will adversely affect your self-esteem and your ability to think critically and rationally for your self. And remember, getting constant validation is not healthy.  

The Consequences of Trusting and Loving People Easily

As humans, most of us are vulnerable to romantic relationship and so-called love, let alone sex. This is because we have evolved to be dependent on affection, compassion, and emotional and sexual gratification. As humans, we get this from romantic partnership and as humans most of us don’t want these satisfactions to go away. We possess brain that is hardwired for libido and attachment and the neurotransmitters or the bio-chemicals for these things are called dopamine, oxytocin, estrogen, testosterone, and serotonin. However, surrendering your rationality for these things can also create negative or even catastrophic results. It sometimes even result to mental illness. So before you spend the most part of your life to someone, it is important to know if he/she is the right person by knowing them and by making sure they are conscious enough to have at least basic understandings of how human biology and psychology works. Therefore, knowing about healthy and conscious relationship is very important.             

Well we know for a fact that these things are easier said than done. However, upgrading our lives starts with information like these ones. Therefore if you want to avoid mistakes or to correct your life for your future, these reminders will do more than enough to help you. Again, it’s normal to commit mistakes so don’t give up easily. We all need these kinds of information to help us navigate this vast ocean called life. Also, stop blaming others and start taking your own responsibility for your self. We all know that things these days are not easy that’s why we need to constantly remind and help each other. There is no guaranteed path, though, that’s why exploring life wisely will surely help. Just continue learning as there are plenty of people and ideas to get inspiration from.

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