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Infantilization Versus Psychological Maturity


How can we measure psychological maturity? Have you ever asked your self this question? If so, then congratulations! Though not often given sincere thinking, this question is really important to ask for one’s self for so many reasons. Because when you try to observe these days, it is apparent that society is being perpetually dumbed down and deliberately influenced by corporations and other institutions, especially the ones that are using postmodernist ethos, through many different kinds of entertainment that infantilizes them and hinders their capacity to think like real adults for critical and creative thinking. This kind of social engineering not only revert people to a child-like state but also distracts them from more important things in life that often provides meaning.  


This is not a speculation, this is factual truth. Many psychologists and sociologists talk about this for years now and for someone to acknowledge this reality will help them figure out the best decisions and actions to take for his or her future. It is really vital to realize this especially for a person that already has family or a child. It is perfectly normal for a person to have some fun during the day (depending on the kind of fun, though) and it is totally fine to spend some time playing video games (though I don’t do this) or watching fantasy movies or movies about superheroes, for example, every once in a while but being obsessive on these things or making them part of your identity while spending most of your time binging on these type of media that are obviously for children or for young people is surely not going to get you somewhere. Obviously, it is a waste of time and it will not improve you as a person. Unless you are an adolescent, you have to accept your responsibilities and do your part in helping, if not your community, at least your family or your self.  

Many people escape and just chase pleasure and fun instead of facing challenges and winning the battle against dull existence. This can be understood given that, on the other hand, things seem bleak or dismal. However, sometimes, or most of the time, pursuing hedonism only will eventually make you become part of the pathology in the society without even noticing it. By keeping in the balance, for sure there is nothing wrong with this choice. However, if one is being addicted to any drug for escapism, or gets passed out in total drunkenness, or feel total comfort with stupidity along with stupid or childish people, that is of course, not a life worth living. Yes it’s enjoyable doing shallow, easy, and stupid activities that don’t require difficult skills or intellectual effort but remember that fun often comes with meaninglessness. It is through challenges and sacrifices (things that help the community or society thrive) that one can find the essence of life as contrast to, let’s say, the cheap pleasure of finishing a bottle of intoxicating poison while succumbing to the fantasy of freedom.           

Though, we all make mistakes and also, great realizations and good things within one’s own self doesn’t usually happen overnight. In addition, making our self better is almost an endless task. In conclusion, there are many things to identify and to aid your psychological maturity. You just have to do it your self because again, you are not a child anymore that needs spoon-feeding. So if you are interested more in the concept of infantilization or in psychological maturity, it is best to check out these articles and websites:

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