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Assuming that you are one of the people on this planet that tried (or still tries) to take actions to make things better or to make the world better, let me ask you these questions: how do you feel about it? Do you still think the things you did or you’re doing have value? Do you think it is better compare to doing nothing at all? Do you feel great thinking that at least you are truly alive knowing these things and did your part? Well you should! Imagine how many people in the world living unconsciously, just walking around clueless about what kind of life they are pursuing, you should be very lucky.


Metaphorically speaking, living unconscious is like living in someone else is dream or being just an extra in a movie; you are just a nameless character. So living while doing what’s good for your self and for other people and taking the responsibility for the environment is living a meaningful life. But of course this is not to say that things are not tough; of course you will have to suffer, especially these days. But that’s life. Being conscious also means seeing the horrible things happening in the world while also knowing that there are really solutions to some of these problems that are not being implemented. You know that there should be answers but somehow it seems that the world is helpless. Being conscious is being aware that there are really selfish and evil people in power doing cruel things for the sake of their own interest and satisfaction. Sad to say, some of those in charge of the necessary institutions are psychopaths and it seems they thrive in enslaving and destroying the environment and the rest of the humanity.

But there is nothing we can really do except to keep our selves strong and continue doing good things for ourselves and for others. This is the only solution. There is nothing that could help end some of these negativity and suffering except to continue being an optimistic person and a sincere member of the society. If you are sincere, you will know this inside your heart. Then you should really be grateful. We only have one chance to live therefore why not do our part and be the best that we can be? Of course it’s true that it’s impossible to help all the people you know and to reverse the damage that has been done to our environment. It’s true that we cannot change the past but at least, continue doing good and help someone or as many people as possible as much as you can and this will produce positive results.

So to make you more inspired and resilient and to offer you more wonderful things to be grateful for, we would like to share these good news/websites for you to read/follow. We hope that these will give you more motivation to continue doing what is best for your self, for the environment, and for the people you value. Please share this article as well to help spread the word!

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