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What is a Healthy Relationship?


In these days, romantic relationship has become so complicated and even sometimes damaging to many couples because of so many risks factors surrounding it. First, our society has become so different from what it was two or three decades ago and the changes happen so fast every now and then that many populations cannot keep up with the essentials of their lives, including matters that are related to their relationships with other people. The massive digitization of reality and the mechanization of human affairs, for example, have tremendously changed the way we think and do things, including matters related to our sexuality, attraction, or our ways of socialization in general. 


Because of this, collectively speaking, our emotional states are also affected and are also part of the aspects that are undergoing disruptions or at least changes due to the kind of environment that we are having in these times especially from artificial and unnatural ones. This is why for some romantic relationships are not worth having as they believe these will only adversely interfere with their priorities and opportunities in life. For these individuals, it is not a healthy thing to have for a reason that it will only create more problems, stresses, and chaos in their lives, big or small. In connection, many people in many countries all over the world these days have become sceptical about marriage (or even just relationships) because they think it’s not worth investing their time and energy as they are afraid to lose it in the end, leaving them with heartaches and serious problems in the future, sometimes including legal and financial.

It is true that romantic relationship is not for everybody. However, for those who are currently into this affair and want to continue, there are many things you can try doing to help you and your partner co-create and navigate your relationship in a positive and helpful ways so that both of you can have richer experiences in your partnership. It only takes a little bit of consciousness and of course, willingness and sincerity to confront your fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. This is because if you want to have a strong relationship, you must also face your challenges as a couple, using mature, respectful, and honest approaches that some people have learn through experiences in such topic. In many cases, these ideas can be so helpful and effective if you apply them properly in your affairs.

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