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Postmodernism: A New World Disorder


It is common nowadays to meet and have a conversation with someone who is somehow indoctrinated, knowingly or unknowingly, by postmodernist ideas and philosophy. You can see them everywhere, walking with the notion that everything around them is just a subjective part of the uncertain nature and that anything is possible no matter how impossible and that their biological predisposition is not natural but only a societal role defined and imposed upon by the system or the society. Consequently, this notion of denial to nature has led to many pathological and problematic results.    


Wandering Meaningless

Although the existentialist thinkers only stressed that you create your own meaning in life, at least they believed that life should have a meaning. In the current leading philosophical thought, sometimes this means responsibility; to pick up something heavy enough and move them from one point to another. It doesn’t need to be so big, just enough for you to carry and transfer into another place. This means having a crucial role in your family or your community and choosing your own personal suffering to face and transcend for others to witnessed and learned from so that in your lifetime, you can say that you’ve existed and that you’ve contributed something to the wholeness of existence. As one thinker said, the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Through this, each of us can create meaning; something greater than ourselves.  

Without a Sense of Gratitude

For a person that believes he or she has no social responsibility, commitment, or any kind of obligation whatsoever to contribute for the collective interest, an act of kindness and cooperation simply will not mean anything. At least as how it looks like in its sense. How can a person appreciate situations or things that don’t really have importance or value to him as value of things just depends on the individual’s interpretation and not through the validity determined through his own experience and reason? In other words, how can a thing or a situation be appreciated if this doesn’t mean anything to a person? To have a sense of gratitude, one must first need to see things with significance and purpose. For an individual to be thankful, he has to know first the worth of things or favor that he possesses or received. If you are helping a person but this person does not see the help as something important for him, how can this person be grateful?         

Devaluing the Importance of Philosophical Thinking and Reasons

Throughout history, many people dedicated their lives to figure out better ways for individuals and even society to live and exist. Many thinkers have offered a very valuable contribution just for our kinds to thrive and peacefully coexist with one another. As a species, it is obvious that we are very different from other so called animals. This is because evolution has provided us with a very advance kind of brain that is totally unique and has an enormous capacity to comprehend, analyse, and philosophize through that comprehension. We are the kind of species that has a mind that is also aware of itself as a thinking being and this awareness naturally results to introspection. As a solution to our collective struggle as a complex, dynamic, and conflicting species on this planet, philosophers and scientists has produced ideas that reconcile and transcend these struggles through serious contemplation and empirical efforts. Therefore, these ideas should be valued and constantly guided and even modified in accordance to the necessity of the time. However, for a postmodern mind, unfortunately, all of these great efforts are inconsequential and meaningless.

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