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Conscious Relationship and It’s Purpose


Across many cultures, it is normal that individuals, male or female, get attracted, have affection, or feel compassion for others. Universally, this is considered love or adoration. And when two individuals decide to be together and get intimate with each other because of these feelings, this will be called a romantic relationship. But, have you ever tried asking your self: what is the purpose of having a romantic relationship? What can you and your partner get from it? How can it help you and your partner grow and have a better life for both of you and for others? Does it help you and your partner attain a balanced mental health or physical health in general or are they making things more complicated? Is it making both of you happy, inspired, or more motivated in life?


For many people, engaging in a romantic relationship is just a regular human activity or expression that has nothing to do with building your character or improving your life or the person you’re in love with. Most of the time, this human affair is being taken for granted as if this is not an important way to discover one’s self and improve one’s lifestyle and personality. What they don’t realize is that in its most healthy form, romantic partnership can be an effective tool to gain genuine happiness and satisfaction in life; to grow and become a better person in the society for themselves, for others, or for the world in general. This is because by doing things together with your partner and by working for certain goals, things can be easier, more possible, and more achievable. By supporting each other, things will be more attainable for both individuals in a relationship. 

Healthy and happy couples solve problems and conflict together instead of avoiding them or instead of blaming and destroying each other. No doubt that this is a very helpful approach if people really want to understand, respect, and help each other. But with this, couples need to have proper communication skills so that everything they want to say, express, or hear can be delivered, received, or perceived clearly and effectively. Learning this tool is very important not only because of romantic relationships but also because in general, everyone has to get their needs met and everyone has to be respectful and assertive when communicating with others for these needs. But when couples are not mindful, small things and even trivial matters can end up in total chaos and stressful arguments and fights. So if you want your relationship to be healthy and helpful in actualizing your dream, it is important for you and your partner to be conscious about it.