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Recovery from Childhood Wounds of Parental Neglect


Many of today’s parents are struggling so much to provide a good life and secure future for their children. Unfortunately, many also do not succeed. One reason is that in our current society, it’s almost as if everything and everyone must function and behave in accordance to the dictates of the economy and its uncompromising demands created by individuals who are obsessed with profit and monopoly. As a result, people find no choice but to follow the game being set by these corporate vultures thriving from the economic enslavement of the destitute populations. Instead of having healthy and meaningful lives with their children, most of today’s parents have been blinded by these toxic notions and have become irresponsible in their tasks as loving guardians and companions. The consequences of this phenomenon have led to many children being neglected and sometimes even abused.


Fortunately for some of these poor children, resiliency has prevailed and the blows of life did not succeed to knock them out. They became stronger and are now able to use their wounds and experiences to help and guide others along their journey to recovery and self-actualization. This is not a simple process, though. Willingness to grow, knowledge, patience, and personal strength play a big role on this and have allowed them to gain emotional and mental stability through time. Instead of blaming and harshly criticizing themselves for the negative things that they experience, they think through it and find a way to outgrow these challenges. By learning to identify and own their feelings and emotions, they have managed to stand up and speak out without fear and hesitations. In this way, they have learned to deal with unpleasant and undesirable situations in their lives using their coping skills and courageous will.

For most people, dealing with the remnants and trauma of childhood is easier said than done. This is because for the most part, these internal issues are usually deeply buried beneath the dark places of our spirit, affecting our essence as a person. Unless given enough time and dedication, these traumas and pains caused by childhood neglect or abuse, coupled with shadows and unconscious impulses, will never be properly addressed, effectively dismantled, and totally healed. This means that for us to establish a genuine sense of autonomy and determination, we must work on these issues ourselves and see our self as whole and useful without shame and guilt. We must establish our boundaries while also respect others for us to defend ourselves from further damage and other kinds of toxic experiences. By managing our emotions with good skills and positive outlook, being healed from our childhood wounds is surely a possibility.       

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