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Importance of Identifying Emotional States


Identifying our emotions is a very important skill for a couple of reasons. It is a way to be in control no matter how serious or hard to accept the experience you had or the situation you are in. If you can differentiate how you feel, you can understand why this is happening to you and you can simply find a solution to divert away from saddening or depressing thoughts that are more bothering. Being stuck in heavy thoughts and emotions that bring discomfort is very counterproductive and even harmful to your mental health that is why it is necessary that you learn to manage these things before it becomes pathological or problematic. Although there are varying ways on how a person should deal with his or her emotional experiences, it is vital that one must not succumb to its dragging effect but instead, distinguish them and do not let them put you in a state of misery. 


Most of us think that our emotions are just basic feelings such as sadness, happiness, fear, excitement, and disgust. But what we don’t know is that there are more emotional states we have to recognize for us to be mentally well and resilient against the challenges in our daily existence. If we become good at it, it will be possible for us to deal with these emotions rationally and constructively. In addition, obsessing about a certain negative experience or thought will lead us to damaging feelings and if this pattern of experience persists, in the long run it will eventually turn into depression and anxiety and perhaps even other kinds of serious mental illnesses. After all, rumination has a limitation and we all need to regulate our mind also so that we can avoid being stuck in unnecessary states such as frustration, jealousy, resentment, etc.

These days, there are so many factors that can influence our thoughts and therefore our emotions. It is very crucial that we should also take care of what information we feed on our brain. We must always make sure that these things are helpful instead of stuff that only causes more worries and restlessness. For example, corporations, with their uncompromising and unbeatable technological advances as weaponry, are making sure people get hooked on their products emotionally through their advertising. Not only that, they also produce programs that often depict the tragedy of our post-modern world without providing a real solution to their viewers whatsoever. For people who are so easy to persuade, these technologies is way more than very effective to create an adverse impact to their brain and their emotions. So as much as possible, we must regulate our emotions through identifying them.