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Healing From A Divorce


A Sequel Based on the Perspectives of John McElhenney

Divorce is becoming more common these days and many people, especially men, suffer particularly on the financial aspect because of how the laws of alimony are being set up. This could be very damaging especially to the children that’s why it is important for both parties to talk about or to deal it in a mature and intelligent manner and instead, find their ways to make it easier for each other and for the children. If the implications of divorce are being thought well to people and to the authorities, it should be a kind of solution to the domestic conflict and not a further harm.


One thing you can do after the divorce is to remind your self every single day that you have to get up from desolation and self-destruction. Be consistent with your personal recovery program and do not let your negative thoughts and feelings prevent you from getting on your feet and committing to the process of healing; for your self and for the kids. If possible, go out and spend time in nature more often. You can also socialize with positive people and keep your self busy by doing something productive with your friends. The point is not to succumb to the emotional and psychological after effects of the divorce.

Specifically, the thing you can also do is first, to stay on a positive diet. You must eat foods that are less with or with no toxic artificial ingredients and that are not going to trigger your depression and other kinds of health problem. You must also do physical exercise at least three to four times a week to detox your body and to release all the toxins in your system and also the negative emotions. Even simple stretching or hiking is a very good help to activate the “feel good” neurochemicals in your body. If possible, avoid alcohol. This is because alcohol is depressant and it will make your stress and anxieties worst.

Next is to have enough sleep. Sleep is very important for any kinds of therapy. Seven to eight hours of sleep a day is a pattern to maintain for your mood to be always in a good condition. You can also do the therapy by entertaining your self. You can watch interesting films in the internet, listen or play music, read e-books or listen to podcast. You canalso watch some stand-up comedy videos in Youtube. The point is to make your self feel good through laughter. Caring for your self will not only allow you to easily get out from the distress of divorce but also to improve your self for you to become completely ready to confront the problems, constructively and maturely. In doing so, just imagine your life as a new one and another chance to make your self better and more resilient as a single parent and as a person.