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Quick Facts about Psychology


Psychology is one of the most important social tools we can use to solve many of our life problems. It is a “scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes”. It has been around since the ancient times such as the Egyptian and the Greek civilizations. Today, psychology can be used to help people understand and know their self, to clearly think about their decisions and actions, and to protect them from various mental and emotional problems caused by the social environment and other kinds of daily stressors. For various reasons, psychology as a social science is being used for centuries in cultivating our society and our wellbeing. Using this appropriately, this could be so helpful for individuals to easily deal and cope with many adversities and problems in life.      


Another advantage of psychology is that it can help our society in general by improving the way people socialize and communicate with each other. It can solve the problems of relationship, be it in a family or a work setting. For example, it can help people learn better communication styles, one important thing we must practice to maintain a healthy relationship with one another and achieve growth, individually and collectively. In whatever fields: family, work, schools, organizations, movement, sports, media, etc., psychology, along with other scientific applications, is a very useful method to analyse and improve various areas and aspects. This would help manage difficulties and challenges using proper psychological insights. And with this, people can understand how things work; therefore, have an appropriate and constructive approach in many different aspects.

All of our actions and decisions are products of our thinking. If we have healthy mindset, we will have a good relationship with people around us and most of our actions will produce good results. And knowledge of psychology, academic and personal, is an efficient instrument to guide and wield our perspectives and comprehension. It is because psychology teaches us critical thinking, a very vital requirement for every person to grow and function well in life. It is also an essential intellectual weapon we can use to shield our lives from various deceptions and exploitation ever existing in a society; one of the things that helped end tyranny and oppression in history. In addition, critical thinking also allows us to be effective in our problem solving skills in schools, business, and life in general.  

Not many people can get a good career in psychology. However, many social departments and business organizations hire psychology graduates for different purposes. One of the main reasons is that it is crucial for their projects, business, etc. As said earlier, this is used to analyse and understand things within the scope of the business or organizations. However, just like other kinds of social sciences, it is also being used by few organizations (or individuals) for self-interest and sometimes, evil gains. This has been happening since the history of modern society. For instance, in Germany, Hitler and the Nazis use psychology intensively to advance their agenda. In the current times, public relations or advertising institutions (or companies themselves) use psychological manipulations to sell their products. So in conclusion, regardless of its used (to harm or to help the society), psychology is a very valuable field of social science.