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The Importance of Sociology


First established in Europe during the year 1895, sociology is a study of society, its varying cultures, and its pattern of social relationships or interactions. It helps us understand the many different kinds of society not only of our current time but also of the past by scientifically studying its characteristics and history. It makes us aware of the different social processes and tendencies for us to come up with better ways of behaving as social beings and to influence them to have more humane and ethical behaviours and actions.


Understanding the social world is very important for us to understand ourselves. This is because society also influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions. By using scientifically gathered or processed information, both individuals and institutions can have more insights, create useful alternatives, and therefore can make good and informed decisions about everything. This is because sociology examines the way social dynamics work through various techniques (thus, can be drawn examples from) about specific matters related to our behaviour and thinking. It can also help experts and decision-makers create solutions and remedies on many social and even environmental problems. This is the reason why sociology must be studied in an honest way. However, just like most social sciences, sociology is not a perfect tool to accomplish and to answer everything.

Being studied today in many parts of the world, sociology remains very helpful for many different institutions and organizations. Since the institutionalization of this field of social science during the late 19th century, it is also continuing to provide answers to various questions or problems regarding our choices and preferences as individuals and as social groups. Tribes, nations, micro-societies, subcultures, etc., all of these have their own distinct and unique characteristics, observable in many different aspects, that need to be understood. Sociology makes us aware of our nature as humans and the way these natural characteristics manifest or function when we interact with one another. This is also how we scrutinize our capabilities and assess our capacities in an ever-changing world that is at the same time, melding us through erratic force and directions. It can present a picture of relationships between people, states, and even big business corporations.         

In addition, using sociology helps us identify how our social environment creates our thoughts and actions. Along with other social sciences, it also helps us develop response to changes resulting to new systems, approaches, cultures and social orders. This is because most of us humans naturally adapt things that are helpful and more convenient in the ways we use or create things. In this continually developing world with seemingly unstoppable rapid technological advancements, sociology is very essential for guiding and wielding our future or direction into a more sustainable, sound, and healthy shape or form.

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