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Filipino Lawyers Call to Resist the International Health Regulations (IHR) Amendment in the Philippines (Senate Bill 1869)


Two lawyers who are also members of Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDCPh), a group of medical professionals, lawyers, and ordinary citizens, have recently spoke out against “Senate Bill 1869”, part of the elites’ International Health Regulations (IHR) amendment program that is being intensely pushed by the World Health Organizations (WHO), with the help of World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Imposed under the banner of their so-called health emergency response, this “Pandemic Treaty” is being embedded into the fabric of the Philippine laws without any proper consultation whatsoever with the Filipino public. What comes next could be a heavy promotion of vaccination, immunization, and other “official” protocols for “treatment”, including forced quarantine or isolation of people; especially those who are unable because of medical or health reasons and those who are unwilling because of their religious or conscience reasons.

One of the lawyers is Atty. Aaron Soguilon. In his presentation yesterday at IVMCC platform, Soguilon elaborately explained in-depth how SB 1869 will pave way for the “personal health will be controlled and monitored by the state” and take away people’s freedom and will violate bioethics and human rights while also provide immunity against liability to those who help implement their sinister agenda, including public officials and employees who are “authorized” to carry out the WHO’s orders. All of these disturbing plans will be materialized through the use of Philippine CDC, another entity to be established through the help of the passage of SB 1869.

The proposed amendments to IHR, still according to Soguilon, will give power to the WHO to “assimilate” the laws of the Philippines into its own power and, “unilaterally dictate policies regarding Filipinos’ health, security, and privacy, institutionalizes Covid-19 pandemic response without assessment”, and carry out “blatant violations of human rights”.

In addition, Soguilon also emphasized well enough in his presentation that the bill will “seek to remove respect for dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of people” and that the WHO will have the capacity to censor what it considers misinformation and disinformation, control over means of production, authority to require medical procedures” and will “empower the Emergency Committee to override decisions made by sovereign nations regarding health measures, redirect unspecified billions of dollars to pharmaceutical-hospital-emergency industrial complex with no accountability, create obligation to build, provide, and maintain IHR infrastructure”.

Meanwhile, another CDCPh member, Atty. Tanya Lat, had also spoken recently against the passage of this draconian SB 1869. In a radio interview, Atty. Lat, one of the frontline lawyers of the group, stated:  

“They want to bombard us with vaccines and drugs. They don’t give space for traditional medicine and herbal medicine in which the Philippines is so rich of.”

Atty. Lat then added that SB 1869 will allow the WHO to dictate policies in the country when it comes to so-called pandemic. This, explained Lat, should not be accepted as the agency is not elected by the Filipino people and only advances the interest of foreign pharmaceutical and medical corporations that are going to violate the rights and the authority of the Philippine government.

And finally, Atty. Tanya Lat appeals to the government of the Philippines:

“We are calling (for the government) to do investigations on all unconstitutional and grossly violative of human rights measures done/carried out this pandemic, and we are calling for the Supreme Court (to investigate) that we filed a case last year for the investigation. We hope that our politicians/authorities will heed to the call of our fellow citizens, for justice. And we are calling for justice for the victims of experimental Covid jabs.”





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