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Candace Owens’ Tells Her Experience of the Gardasil Shots


Very few prominent people are speaking up against the power of rich pharmaceutical companies, especially regarding the insurmountable amount of victims and lawsuits, which cost billions of dollars, hidden under the rug of bribery and lobbyism, with thousands upon thousands of skeletons filed up inside the closet hidden behind the curtain of mainstream media. Fortunately, some of these people made those corporate crimes by Big Pharma come into the spotlight and compelled the companies to answer the public and pay their poor victims.


Last week, Candace Owens, author, political talk show host, and activist, released a video on her YouTube detailing her “horrific” experience from the side effects of Gardasil, the vaccine that allegedly prevents cervical cancer, manufactured by Merck. Like everyone else, she took the shots out of huge trust to her doctors and her lack of knowledge about Gardasil. As she describes it:

“I think I was about 19 years old when this happened. So anyways, I went, I rolled up my sleeve to get the first shot and immediately after he administered it, I hit the ground and I passed out, which I never passed out. I am not a person that faints, I am not a person that is queasy so this was very out of the norm for me personally. When I came to, what he essentially said to me was “did you eat breakfast this morning?”

Her doctor then told her that it’s because she didn’t have breakfast that’s why she passed out and that “it’s OK” and that “it’s not a big deal”. Owens recalled how startled she was during those moments and didn’t have the clue that it was the side effects, or effects rather, of the shot. But just because she trusted her doctors without questioning at that time, Owens returned for the second shot a couple of weeks passed. She continued:   

“Went back to get my second shot and made sure that I ate breakfast that morning and when I sat down, I just taught there was no possibility that I was going to passed out. The nurse came in, she gave me the injection and this time, my reaction was much more severe.

Not only did I passed out, I remember this moment, especially, horrifically because she had asked me to disrobe because afterwards, I was going to have an exam. So, I was essentially just wearing a shirt and one of those little pieces of paper, you know, to cover your parts, and I had passed out and fallen off of the chair, over the table, rather, that I was on.”

Owens then proceeded to describe how she felt like she’s having a mini seizure. As she recalls the moments: 

“I began shaking and I began vomiting profusely. The two gynecologists came flying down the hallway. Had the nourishing there, they were all over me trying to take care of me. And I just even as I’m recapping this to you, I just remember how absolutely traumatized and scared I was not knowing what was happening to my body, not knowing why I was vomiting, not knowing why I was shaking.

I’ve never had these things happed to me ever before in my life. And it was very obvious that my gynecologists were spooked and when they got me up and got me into the chair, and you can imagine how mortifying this is. This happened to two gynecologists that ran this particular firm…”

Candace Owens also described the sort of personal change happening within her. She said that ever since she had the Gardasil shot, she’s started having fatigue that she can’t describe and which lasted for years. And more disturbingly, she claimed that her brain “didn’t work the same since getting the jabs”. Owens also revealed that she received so many letters from her supporters telling sad details about how the supposed anti-HPV shot caused a huge damage and misfortune to the victims, mostly teenage, only through false advertising and fear mongering.

When Owens started to realize there something wrong in those Gardasil shots, she began researching about vaccines. She was shocked to hear other girls’ stories about alleged vaccine against HPV. According to Owens:

“What I discovered astonished me, and I think it is going to astonish you as well. So, as I said, the Gardasil vaccine was approved back in 2006. So, what I want you to pay attention to is 2005, right? What led us to this moment of them suddenly saying that we need to do this push and we need to make people fearful to get this vaccine. And what better way to make people fearful than to use the word “cancer”.

Cancer is something that terrifies us all. We all think about cancer, we see commercials with people that have cancer. We know people that have suffered from cancer and we know how horrific cancer is. And if you use a phrase like “this going to prevent you from getting cancer”, you are obviously going to inspire people to act out of fear. “

On March, U.S. District Judge Robert J. Conrad, Jr. of North Carolina district ordered Merck to turn over all databases of its Gardasil adverse event to plaintiffs suing the Big Pharma giant for injuries allegedly caused by its HPV vaccine. It includes information from Merck’s version of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) which is the Merck Adverse Event Reporting and Review System (MARRS) which contain reports related to Gardasil’s adverse events submitted by doctors, patients, and publications.

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