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Protest against Bill SB1869 in Davao City, Philippines as part of the Nationwide Citizen Pushback


Yesterday, citizens of Davao City, Philippines, conducted a protest demonstration against the country’s proposed bill SB1869, also known as “AN ACT CREATING THE PHILIPPINE CENTER FOR DISEASE PREVENTION AND CONTROL…”. The said protest that was led by a local citizen named Rizza Mae Ong occurred around 1 to 5 in the afternoon at Roxas Avenue at the center of Davao City.  


The group of individuals who joined the protest claimed that their action was part of a nationwide effort of Filipino people to resist forced vaccination and prevent the establishment of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the country as it will, according to their call, give absolute power to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other similar agencies that work for the interest of big pharma in intervening in the affairs of the Philippine government in relation to health and medicine.

According to one of the country’s strong opponents of government’s dubious measures against the (unproven) COVID-19 viral infection, Covid Call to Humanity (CCH), founded by one of the country’s former presidential candidate Mr. Nicanor Perlas, this proposed bill will not only continue to justify and legalize the deadly and costly unscientific COVID measures that are violative of the Filipino people’s rights but will also strengthen the oppressive and unlawful “health policies” that are dictated by giant private agencies such as the WHO and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Last month, the CCH wrote on its website:

“SB1869 will not only institutionalize or make permanent all these costly mistakes. It will also subject Filipinos to new kinds of punishments and ordeals and even new forms of death. Worst, SB1869 will destroy the country’s democracy and help usher in a medical dictatorship under the control of the World Health Organization (WHO) with the blind support of the DOH and the to-be-established Philippine CDC.”

Aside from individuals who are not part of any group, additional civil society groups that are supporting and conducting the nationwide protest against SB1869 include Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (DCDPh), Juan Dakila, Gising Maharlika, and Covid Call to Humanity. The mentioned organizations conducted their protest last February 25, 2023, in front of the Senate office located in Pasay City in Manila (Luzon). Surprisingly, the protest was covered by the country’s leading mainstream media – the Manila Bulletin and Abante News.

Davao City is the place of origin of former Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. It is where Duterte served as a mayor for more than two decades and where some of the former police officials accused him of heading a vigilante group called the Davao Death Squad (DDS) which kills suspected drug pushers and users without due process; on the basis of citizen reports. According to the interview of these police whistleblowers, “Duterte ordered the deaths of thousands of individuals”, including women and children, suspected of committing crimes which include unproven and petty crimes.      

The Davao City protesters stated that SB1869 will totally eradicate the human rights of the Filipino people as it will “deprive the liberty and property without due process of law, disempower the local government from determining their own measure with regards to health by allowing the WHO to take over, eliminate the right to privacy by conducting surveillance against the suspected carrier of a disease, restrict the movement of the people, kill the local economy by shutting down businesses, and protect corrupt health officials and pharmaceutical companies from liabilities”.