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MSM Continues to Demonize People about Georgia Guidestones

For safety reasons, the structure has been completely demolished.

Apparently, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is still investigating the explosion that damaged the Georgia Guidestones monument near Elberton. The blast happened on Wednesday, at around 4 a.m. and as of now, there are no suspects yet but authorities released the surveillance video which showed a silver sedan quickly left away from the site.


Also known as America’s Stonehenge to some and shrouded in mystery from its construction up to its destruction, the Georgia monument has become controversial when people discovered that what was written on the stones were some sort of “guidance” on how to maintain and control the population. Because of this, some people claim that the Georgia Guidestones were erected by the Freemasons who, apparently, want to control the world’s politics and economy through their so-called New World Order agenda.

The Georgia Guidestones were erected in 1980 and the people who ordered the construction of this bizarre monument were only named R.C. Christian and apparently, nobody knows if this is a group or an individual. There are sort of instructions on this stone monument. They were written on eight languages, encouraging humanity to “maintain” the world’s population to “500 million” while also pretending to care about its health and the environment.

As usual, major news outlets in the mainstream media came up to rescue and gaslight the people who try to speak up about the occult reality behind this granite monument inscribed with enigmatic messages. As per The Washington Post’s (TWP) headline goes:

“Far right called U.S. ‘Stonehenge’ satanic — and cheered when it blew up”

Major MSM like TWP demonize people who are critical of the message (the agenda) being sent to the public through this monolith and call them crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists who are having a paranoia that there are people (such as the richest billionaires and industry owners who provide many countries with major products and services) who want to have total control of the world’s resources, politics, and the economy. Just like how the MSM demonizes the scientists and the medical experts who speak out against the current virus hoax/scam, these puppets of the globalist elites work endlessly to inject fear and hatred among the public on people who oppose the agenda that is being demonstrated in Georgia Guidestones.

For example, Yahoo News wrote:

 ‘America’s Stonehenge,’ often targeted by conspiracy theorists, was destroyed after a mysterious explosion”

And, Lemonde.fr also wrote in their headline:

“Target of Conspiracy Theorists, the “American Stonehenge Destroyed by an Explosion”

Also, what is puzzling to many is why the authorities quickly demolished this $500,000 construction while it is not the entire monument that has been damaged. Is it because what was written on that monolith was really strange and somewhat sound genocidal?

As Zerohedge.com ask the questions:

 “Even though the remaining standing slabs were deemed unsafe, why were excavation crews hurrying to rip down the entire monument if the site was in the middle of an active crime scene? Why not save the unaffected slabs, shore up the structure, and rebuild? But that doesn’t appear to be objective here.”