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PH President advise the Public “Don’t go to community pantry, wait for gov’t aid.”

SOURCE: https://web.facebook.com/pcoogov/photos/4583389208357371

On Monday, May 03, 2021, President Duterte shared his thoughts that Filipino citizens should wait for the government’s assistance instead of leaving their houses and seeking community pantries near their areas.


The president made such remarks via the weekly taped nation address after the suggestions of letting the barangay health workers deliver the government aid house-to-house to limit any spike in COVID-19 infections.

“People were swarming. It’s not the first thing that you did with your idea, but from there, it generated yung mga ito. Nagkalapit-lapit, nagkalapit-lapit hanggang magtaas na naman,” the president said.

The community pantries have been popping worldwide ever since Ana Patricia Non introduced the Maginhawa community pantry.

Many more caught the attention all over the media, such as the group of women getting more than they should.

The community pantry that Kapamilya star and actress Angel Locsin recently did in Quezon City had overwhelming crowds and the unfortunate death of a senior citizen.

Due to these incidents, although the intention is good, the president sees that the people should remain in their houses for the government’s help.

“This is not meant as an insult. Hindi niyo kasi alam. Ngayon, kasi ginawa ninyo, hindi niyo talaga alam… The fact na ginawa ninyo, hindi ninyo alam ang consequences,” he added.

(You don’t have any idea. Now, because you’ve already done it, you certainly are clueless. You’re not aware of the consequences.)

“Ang tigas kasi ng ulo ninyo. Ayaw ninyong maniwala. Sinabihan na ngang mas mabuti na mag-istambay (ka) na lang. Hindi ito biro, pag tinamaan ka ng COVID, it’s (death).”

President Rodrigo Duterte also stated that the distribution of aid to the poorest of the poor is ongoing “silently.”

“Ngayong, kayong mga wala talagang makain, maghintay lang kayo and try to communicate with your barangay captain. Ako, nagsabi ako, magbalot kayo ng pagkain, ibibigay ninyo ‘yan sa mga tao. Sikreto,” he added.