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Rational Minimalism; a Practical Way to Contentment Amidst Stressful Consumer Culture


Many of today’s people do not really ask themselves what really makes them happy. If you do not have the answer for this question, how can you answer the next question which is: how do we control our behavior so that we can achieve genuine happiness in this world? We exist in a society in which we cannot escape the dynamics of mess and chaos that’s why it is very important to mentally toughen ourselves so we can maintain set of habits that are really helpful for our chosen purpose. By prioritizing this, it will keep us from just blindly following and obeying ridiculous stupid rules and customs dictated by the environment which is seemingly mechanical and destructive.


For example, in our daily activities we can develop rituals that make our tasks easy and more manageable; a set of practices that help us focus. As many people suggest, one way we can do this is by changing our environment; especially making it simple and occupied with few things that are only the most important to us; those which have associations with things that would remind us to perform better or to be the best version of our self. Another benefit of this is that it helps us lessen the stress, similar to the idea of not buying or consuming things that are not really needed or which do not really provide genuine happiness. By living a rationally frugal life, meaning by stopping purchase of any unnecessary stuff and gadgets, you can find a peaceful and calm existence. That’s why it is always helpful to really think about how to keep your money and how to spend it.

When we look at what happened to our parents or to previous generations for example, it is not difficult to see that blind consumerism only produces stressful and unhealthy results to our well-being. So now try to ask your self – do you want to make a difference by being a conscious and rational minimalist or you want to constantly chase happiness by buying things? Do you want to control stress or you want to be sickened by it? As a person who really values the importance of philosophy to life, it is normal to appreciate the notion that we still have these philosophical ideas of simplicity now. It helps us understand that in order to have a truly happy life, we must therefore always choose to be simple and choose non-selfish decisions and value non-materialistic outlook.

In addition, we must not only value philosophical ideas on the aesthetic level but instead on its true practicalities in life. In this existence, all things devolve towards nothingness so it is necessary to ask: what do you really have in your journey and what can you share to others? Nature provides enough; we must always carry this in our memory. Second is, in your journey, what are you trying to construct? How do you construct them and who benefits them? To be able to properly fulfill this, all we must do is observe nature, appreciate the beauty of its duality, yet desire to change the mistakes. Of course, nothing is perfect and all tangible things will cease to exist. All things are incomplete therefore in order to satisfy your life, ask your self: how do you define and achieve completeness? Start now, write your goals, listen to your instinct, and figure out what things are really important to you.

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