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Dr. Judy Mikovits Statement about ‘Wearing a Mask’ Policy


Just more than a week ago, a Twitter and Facebook post quoting Dr. Judy Mikovits regarding the mandatory wearing of mask policy has gained a lot of attention from netizens all over the globe. A co-author of the book “Plague of Corruption”, Dr. Mikovits faced a series of law suits after publishing a study that linked chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) to a mouse retrovirus. However, the former lead researcher at the Whittemore Peterson Institute was quickly freed and still maintains her innocence after the case against her was dropped.


In 2009, Dr. Mikovits headed a group of researchers that published a paper in the journal Science reporting the finding of retrovirus in most patients with CFS condition. According to her, “Everyone who wanted to work with me was deterred by the threat of litigation.” Later, she again published a new book, Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases, in which she claimed that “30% of vaccines are contaminated with retroviruses”.

For a several weeks, Dr. Mikovits has also been very vocal about the Covid 19 issue. One of her claims is that the flu shot (flu vaccine) makes people sick and probably the main cause of these people being hospitalized and mistakenly diagnosed as having Covid 19. In these famous Twitter and Facebook post, this is what she stated:

“The masks on walks outside and while driving in your car is mind blowing to me. Do you not know how unhealthy it is to keep inhaling your carbon dioxide and restricting proper oxygen flow? I honestly cannot believe how non-logical we have become! We as a society seem to just listen to (perceived) authority without question. I don’t see a whole lot of critical thought happening here, I’m sorry to say “Why I opt NOT to wear a mask. Well, let me break it down for you. The body requires AMPLE amounts of oxygen for optimal immune health. Especially during a so-called “pandemic”. Proper oxygenation of your cells and blood is ESSENTIAL for the body to function as it needs to in order to fight off any illness.

Masks will hamper oxygen intake. Unless you are working in a hospital setting, it is NOT necessary. But go ahead and hold onto to your security blanket if it makes you feel better. I do not listen to the government when it tries to instruct me on how to maintain health, nor do I trust their ‘stats” (which we know are based on unconfirmed numbers).

You want to be healthy, then make sure to apply it to all aspects of your life. Stop smoking, change your diet, stop consuming alcohol, turn off your wifi and cell phone, stop getting injected with neurotoxins, stop taking toxic medications, stop using so many chemicals in your everyday life, practice proper hygiene (WASH YOUR HANDS). Most importantly, go outside and BREATHE DEEPLY, get some sun, drink plenty of (filtered) water, sleep well and learn to LISTEN to your body.”