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Very Practical and Effective Natural Detox Techniques


These days, it is almost impossible to avoid toxic chemicals from every aspect of our daily lives. It is because almost every human activity, especially in the cities, involves products that are somehow made with components deemed detrimental, slight or high, to the human health. Almost every manufacturing in the industry relies on chemicals of different kinds as main components; from food and agricultural production to cosmetics and personal care products, all sorts of these chemicals have become important part and essential from the processing to the maintenance.


Unfortunately, there are also traces of chemicals on the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and of course, on the food that we eat. From inside to outside of our house, we will encounter these chemicals on a daily basis that, in different ways, cause negative impacts to our body. Honestly speaking, this is our daily reality. However, amazingly, our immune system naturally fights these exposures to the pollutants that create pathogens in our body and results to chronic diseases on a long term. But given that our body is being overwhelmed by these exposures, it is vital to support it by doing detoxification process every now and then through food intakes, exercise, and other kinds of helpful measures. Detoxification helps our body manage stress, increase energy, and regulate blood and air flows.

Again, there are natural ways from our body itself that processes this detoxification. Our body automatically eliminates toxins, especially through enzymes, but this natural way alone cannot cope up with the frequency of our exposure to these toxins every day. So to help us interfere with the detoxification process, here are some practical ways you can do at home or things you can use in doing the cleansing of the body system.

Detox through garlic 

According to studies, garlic has anti-microbial components and it is one of the most effective on naturally detoxifying the body through its organo-sulfur compounds (OSCs). These compounds not only help promote detoxification enzymes but also increase levels of glutathione and sulfur, functioning as tools to detox the system. As suggested by experimental data, “garlic supplementation can increase the excretion of toxic compounds by up to 50 percent”.

Detoxification through “souping”

This can be done by consuming nutrient-dense soups that are made of plant-based vegetables. This is very helpful in cleaning the colon. You can also use spices for flavoring and for potency purpose. As said before, spices, in a proper way of administering, are also very effective for body cleanse. This is not a complicated process that’s why using this method is very practical. By doing this for a couple of days, you will see a great result in your gut.

Detoxification through so-called “Master Cleanse”

This can be done by using/consuming liquid such as juices made out of fruits and vegetables that are high on vitamin C. For example, combining fresh lemon juice, pepper, and honey will not only help clean you not only your colon but also your liver.

Speaking of liver cleanse, you may also use juices made from (or a combination of) bitter vegetables, wheat grass, celery, lemons, beets, carrots and even spices like cayenne, rosemary, cumin, and turmeric. However, if you are doing a liver cleanse, it is crucial to also avoid milk, coffee, and sodas or soft drinks.

Through enough amount of sleep

This overlooked aspect, as we don’t realize, is a major aspect of natural body cleansing. This is because an enough amount of sleep, 7 to 8 hours, helps increases the spaces between brain cells which allow the fluid on our brain to flow while also eliminating the “unhealthy” parts that we accumulate during waking hours. Studies suggest that enough sleep on a daily basis prevents neurodegenerative problems in the brain; a problem that is very common nowadays.

Detox using raw and food alkaline 

This can be done by using plant-based diet that are uncooked or unheated such as fruits and other vegetables that can be consumed without cooking. This also includes consuming raw nuts, sprouts and seeds. This method can be very effective in doing detox for the lungs, kidney, liver, and colon by eliminating acid and balancing the alkaline level in the body.

Overall, detoxing cannot really go well without doing other essential stuff such as exercises, sweating, and body and muscle movement. Some do stress-avoidance or management while others do yoga out to the sun as it also helps the body a lot in processing detoxification. Lastly, taking essential vitamins and having the right kind of food while cutting the bad ones are also very important in your detoxification effort.


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