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Things to Consider Before Making a Decision Regarding Vaccination


Why do you think many parents now are against vaccination? What do you think the reasons why people refuse to vaccinate? Have you tried to spend great amount of time researching this topic? How about an hour or two watching documentary films about it? Have you heard of children damaged, if not killed, by vaccination? Or have you heard about soldiers being paralyzed after given a shot? If you’re not yet familiar, maybe you should try. When you search at the internet, you would probably come across hundreds, if not thousands, of information regarding the problems associated with vaccines. You would also discover other problematic issues related to immunization and its efficacy and safety. And if you try to seek within the deepest bowel of Youtube and Google censorship, you would find hundreds of videos tackling about this topic.


This is not to suggest that you should not vaccinate or you should not vaccinate your kids. It is your choice and it is also your own personal responsibility to inform your self. It is crucial for you to learn the facts before you submit your self or your child to a medical situation or decision that critically requires informed consent. Unfortunately, many physicians today are not fully educated about vaccine and the risks its ingredients may bring. Many people are against it because vaccines have many controversies; these include serious health damage and deaths. Vaccines are even link to major mental health issues of today namely autism, ADHD, etc. These associations are all documented. And some, if not all, of these risks and adverse effects are indicated in the vaccine inserts themselves. Because it should be the manufacturer’s responsibility to do this so that people will have all the necessary information before they decide to use the vaccine or any medical products, right?

For example, you would question why vaccines contain a lot of dangerous ingredients such as mercury / thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), aborted fetal tissues (MRC-5), animal DNAs, and other components you would never consider injecting. For decades, many groups and individuals tried to question these things and yet they are constantly being ignored by not only the manufacturers but also by the governments and by big health institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Vaccines are still being aggressively pushed today even though there are no concrete proof and studies that confirm its efficacy; at least as what we know today. These are some of the answers to the questions above.

In addition, vaccination is not only about health and adverse effects; this is also an issue about many important things such as human rights, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and religious and philosophical freedom with regards to its morality as it involves abortion and the use of human cells and DNAs. Furthermore, it is also an issue about academic and medical tyranny, parental rights, media misinformation, reckless profiteering, mandatory population control, and other very crucial socio-political matters that need serious discussions and consideration. So before you make a decision regarding vaccination, here are websites, articles, videos, and organizations that provide honest information and source of knowledge about vaccine and other medical topics: