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Important Things To Do During “Community Quarantine”


Since most things related to this global COVID-19 pandemic now cannot be downplayed and stopped anymore, most government measures all over the world are now resorting to quarantine. Though rarely happens, governments may use this legally or perhaps illegally to stop or at least control the spread of the disease. It is difficult to defy since you can face penalties, including imprisonment in doing it. So since today, travels anywhere within the Philippines is strictly regulated or even prohibited. Curfews are even implemented instantly, especially in Metro Manila where population is way too high than the rest in the country.  


So in most part of the country, as of now, the Philippine government asked its citizens to self-quarantine and stay in their houses and communities. So here are some of the things you need to do during these one month “community quarantine”:

1. Of course, do not panic and always be mindful. Do not focus on negative information but instead put your time on things that can solve instead of worsen the situation. Always educate your self on important things related to this issue. And lastly, be sure to be mentally strong and act in a rational manner so that you won’t have to be depressed or paralyzed by fear.

2. The next is to always do the basic hygiene using all viable resources. Since alcohol is running out in most areas, you may use soap, chlorine, baking soda, and detergents. Just do the precautions in a rational manner. Lastly, learn more about other alternatives from the internet.

3. Follow the “social distancing” rule as much as possible. This means avoid social events, meetings, and other unnecessary gatherings. If you have to be around people, which is also mostly the case inside your house, as much as possible keep a distance of 2 meters.

4. Do not be selfish by hoarding but prepare enough food, medicines, and other essentials for the whole quarantine period. Have enough supplies but think of others as well because it’s also important to be considerate. In many reports, Agriculture Secretary William Dar assured the Filipinos that the country has enough food for the quarantine period. This is why there is really no need for panic buying as, according to the regulations, you can still go out to get food.  

5. However, not all work will be available this time for 30 days, as some establishments are ordered to be closed especially those shops and services that aren’t really that important for basic daily necessities. The only ones ordered to operate are hardware, grocery shops, banks, clinics, and pharmacies.    

6. Make a hobby or think of productive things to do for your self and for your love ones. You can also think of ways to entertain your self (through games, reading books, movies, etc.) but it is more worthwhile to choose productive activities so you don’t put your time to waste. You may also do homeschooling with kids, but just be sure you’re all healthy.

7. Lastly, if you are really worried and feel the need to go for a check-up, know the right offices and health clinic or hospital contact information ahead in your local area.