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Why Self-Awareness is an Important Task


As individuals that are becoming more and more conscious about who we really are on this planet, we cannot stop our self from exploring and asking questions; seeking answers after answers after answers about ourselves. “Know thy self”, as the famous words of Socrates resonates from a distant past. However, at some point, it is sad to think that for many, time is a constraint and that they are not yet ready at the moment to adapt their evolutionary calling in the societal and spiritual direction; the tough process of seeing their true self. Obviously, the powerful forces are very successful on so many levels in driving our current civilization towards self-forgetting and self-destructive version; befuddling us from realizing our true purpose and worth in this journey. Because of this, many of us cannot have enough time for the vital task of self-awareness.


Fortunately for some (or many), they can manage to live a dualistic life of work and at the same time, of earnest pursuit for psycho-spiritual elevation and liberation. Through practicing personal spirituality in a practical manner, it would make them more connected to their higher self. This exploration to one’s inner self through the process of self-awareness help them move from their dark shadows into the light; making their unconscious self conscious.

The idea of the power of self-awareness is not just an abstract meaningless philosophical concept. Scientifically speaking, it is our essential key to self-development. In this sense we can be more creative, understanding, tolerance, more in-control of our self, open to new ideas and possibilities, and have more sensibility and healthy self-love; things that are very important for us to function well in the society. self-awareness is also mental health care. Meaning it is a self-care; our very important responsibility for our own well-being. How can we be healthy to others if we are not being healthy to our own body and mind? 

To increase our s self-awareness, there are few things we can practice on a daily basis. These practical activities are scientifically proven to help us develop our inner awareness amidst our hectic schedules and fast-moving environment. Consistently learning and applying these tasks will also keep us resilient and evolving on this transcendent and somehow unfathomable journey. These ideas are inspired by Itai Ivtzan, Ph.D., a psychologist and senior lecturer at University of East London, through his book “Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality”.

The first thing we can do is read. Reading is the key to more discovery and learning. It will help our brain adapt to the nature of awareness not only to ourselves but also to the things around us. A good book or a powerful article/essay can change your life profoundly as it will show you more realities, wonderful and dreadful, amazing and ugly, that will introduce you to more aspects of your self and your existence.

Another thing an individual can do to have more self-awareness is to study. These days, everyone can join different kinds of self-improving workshops, seminars, trainings, etc. and can also take online courses even for free for them to learn more and have sharp insights and broader perspectives. To sum it all – self-study is self-awareness.   

The next thing a person must do to raise self-awareness is therapy or coaching. Having someone who is knowledgeable enough to listen and to understand our thoughts and feelings is very important as it would facilitate growth and better opportunity for reflection and introspection. Seeking insights from others especially those which are related to our mental health and overall well-being is very essential for our resilience and psychological strength.

Another thing we can do is learn new skills. Learning new skills gives you more motivation and will keep you focused to your unexplored capabilities, therefore exposing you to your unknown disposition. It will also help you discover your personal boundaries and will challenge your comfort zones; allowing you to go beyond your limitations.

Another best thing you can do to raise self-awareness is to connect with nature. This is because nature gives you silence and in silence, you can loudly and clearly hear the volume of your inner self. It is very important to listen to these voices from our hearts and nature is the right place to do this. Lastly, it is in nature that we can see more parts of our selves; revealing more healthy realizations in our minds.

One more thing we can do is meditation. Meditation is another important key to self-awareness. It helps you focus on the core of your being; the center of your heart. It will reveal so many stories and substantial information from the inside of your self. And because of this, you will have more self-awareness.

The last thing one can do is ask for feedback. Although self-awareness is about studying your self, always remember that at some point, we are all one and we are all connected. So this means that knowing others is also knowing your self. Their insights, perspectives, and other vital wisdom may also be useful to you, especially those elevated individuals who also worked hard to gain self-awareness. Asking for a feedback gives you more chances for reflection and more useful knowledge about your self.

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