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Understanding Our Natural Emotions


Have you tried to think through your actions, thoughts and feelings? Did you try to identify your weakness and your strengths? Have you seriously paid attention to your varying emotional states? To have a solid understanding of what are the factors that drive us to certain decisions and judgments on our lives, we must first understand how our brain perceives reality and how it processes the information through our feelings. This is because we have natural emotions that govern our senses and has a significant connection to the way we experience the reality happening around us every time.


For example, feeling angry is not necessarily wrong. It is how we act on that anger that determines what are our actions are, whether it is unhealthy or not. Many of us, especially males, grew up concealing and repressing our emotions instead of embracing and expressing them in a healthy manner. No wonder why there are so many cases of anxiety and depression among males these days as a result of suppressed psychological and emotional aspects of our being.

Another thing to do is to deal with grief. Grieving allows us to learn to let go and at the same time to remember the value of time and experience we shared with someone. It is also about appreciating the impacts a certain person or situation. There are so many levels of grief and there are so many different reasons to consciously embrace this essential emotional process that we have. Do not let our grief becomes depression by repressing them or underestimating them. Do not let these emotions become toxic within your system.

The next thing we must understand is the anger. Where does our anger usually comes from? Do they stem from stress? Do we really feel so much pressure on our jobs, families, communities, etc.? Anger is also a very natural emotion to feel, but at the same time one must be very careful and smart in dealing with them. Uncontrolled anger usually ends up on more problems instead of solution. In fact, there has been no problem solved by anger. Many people express their anger through harmful and threatening ways, usually in a childish or immature manner. That is why facing and taking control of this beast is very important when it comes to taming our feelings.

Have you ever tried observing yourself when you feel envious toward other people or on certain things? Do you sometimes feel like other people are very lucky and you are not because they have achieved their goals and you still haven’t? For as long as you don’t fantasize someone’s death or brutal destruction because of how you feel towards them, having envy is normal for us humans. Just be mindful not to let it turn into serious jealousy and instead, use that feeling to strive for more successes and achievements on life without hurting or violating others. The next time you feel envy, remember it is natural and think of your priorities and goals instead.      

Well, we probably have these emotions because we as humans experience fear and love. These are the major emotions we have in our life. They all need to be experienced and expressed. That is to say, fear is our natural instinct to protect our life against pre-conceive threats and possible harms while love is our attempt to reach the highest forms of meaning and virtue; both are interconnected that cannot be separated from each other. We all feel these natural emotions because they are indispensible part of life’s complexities and wonders. But, we must manage our feelings with conscious thinking. This can be done through understanding and regulating them through our thoughts and behaviors; for us to have better control of our actions and decisions.