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The Importance of Controlling Emotions


How does emotion play in your life? What are its roles in your daily decisions? Normally as human species, it plays a big part as it is one of the major driving forces of our existence. We are part emotional biological beings. A big part of our mood is influenced by how we perceive things around us as it manifest through our emotions and how we feel about certain things on a certain moment, and then how we project ourselves to the world. This is the reason why we must be aware of our own emotions and learn how to handle them for our development, instead of more problems. Also, we must be conscious of what kinds of information we are feeding on our brain and how these things help us makes our lives meaningful and organized.


Sometimes, do you also feel like it’s really amazing to be in control of your own emotion? One way to surely do this is to control your environment. Sometimes, we are left with no choice but to follow and live according to other people or organization’s rules that are mostly for protecting their interests. Sometimes, no matter how you disdain it, there are situations that you have to obey the rules or follow the people that you don’t like; like those who remind you of your childhood or adolescent days when everyone is picking his own prey to bully. Or that, you have to hang out almost every single day with misguided, stubborn, close-minded or bigoted people that don’t contribute to your growth. The kinds of people that will believe anything for as long as the mainstream culture believes it or the government tells them to do so. This is your job. So if one can avoid these situations at his or her will, then it feels good and it feels like time is well spent. No more drama.

It is very important to process your emotional pain with your voice or whatever language expression that can convey the strife. This is partly because we need other non-verbal languages to express them so that we can balance the states on many levels of our so-called personhood. So just like silence, sometimes being vocal and expressive (but critical and even philosophical about it) is also very necessary. However, don’t forget to maintain being respectful. Here also you can see the interplay of dualities of life, or the yin and yang of realities. And besides, if we are stuck in one the same emotional pattern over a long period of time, could it be that we are also stuck psychologically? So being aware on your thoughts is also being aware of your emotions and what fuels them.

According to Niann Emerson Chase, “We have to outgrow childish and selfish emotions in order to evolve into emotions that are more spiritually based, more moral, ethical and loving.” This is very true for all of us. This wisdom is even very useful for our relationship. One way of showing maturity is to calmly talk about the issue. It is true that a lot of problems in the world would disappear if we really talk to each other. No doubt that our emotional vulnerability as humans can also be seen based on how the mainstream media feeds us with ridiculously emotional garbage on a daily basis through soup operas (telenovela) and silly love songs. There are exceptions of course, but for the majority of the society, it is very observable and clear where do their ideas come from, who influences them, and how it affects their daily decisions.

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