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Important Factors for a Meaningful and Strong Relationship


Proper and effective communication

Many people do not know how to communicate how they feel and think or how to express what their needs are. Instead of being open and honest, some people tend to be passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive. A good communication is an important factor for a healthy relationship. A lot of people do not feel comfortable telling their friends or their partner how they really feel. This causes the relationship to be unstable and seems empty. In order for a relationship to be sustainable and meaningful, people must learn the communication skills needed.

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Forgiveness and sincerity

All of us makes mistake at some point of our lives. This is normal. The important thing is you acknowledge this and sincerely ask for forgiveness and make sure you will not do it again. Normally, committing a mistake that you really not intend to do makes you feel bad. So if you really value your relationship to the person, try to say sorry and let them know that you will try your very best to prevent it from happening. Forgiveness can really determine the quality of your relationship. And if someone also makes a mistake towards you, you should forgive them for as long as they are sincere and regretful.

Respect to the person

When you look at the person as someone below you, it will be impossible to have a genuine respect to this person. Being unappreciated makes someone feel bad and undervalued. You will surely not like it if this happens to you. Though sometimes, it is hard to respect someone when their actions are very inappropriate, bad, or harmful. But if they are regretful about it and consciously acknowledge their negative deeds, then you should forgive and respect them. With this, you will have a good relationship with the person, be it your friend, relative, or partner. Respect means you are appreciating their qualities, deeds, accomplishments, and dispositions. It means you are not looking down at the person.

Looking at the problem as something you should be solving together

It is easy for many people to blame each other when something bad happens or when conflict arises on their relationship. Blame-game is so common that is why many relationship ends or do not last long. If you want to maintain a good relationship with your partner or whoever person that you value, you should try to deal with the conflict together instead of attacking and blaming each other. It is normal to argue but upon arguing you should not include personal qualities and you should accept you mistake. Acknowledge that you also have a fault in one way or another. You also should not bring back the past issue over and over again. We all make mistake, the important thing is to think of and provide solution both and come together as a “team”.

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Understanding the person and the situation

In order to forgive someone, you have to be open to understand him or her. This is very important and all people should do this for as long as the person is not intentionally making the mistake and do not intend to repeat it. It is difficult but somehow you have to do it for the sake of your relationship especially if the relationship is important to you or if you really value the person. In return, the person will also be more open to understanding you. Knowing how someone feels and the situation that he or she is going through is having a sympathy and empathy.

Honesty towards the person you value or love

In order to maintain a good communication to the people you love, you have to be honest. Dishonesty creates so much negative consequences to your relationship. It will become a toxic factor that could eventually destroy your relationship. Relationships are long term so if your friend or your partner is really important to you, you should be honest towards them. Through this you will have more understanding and respect from them.

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Spending more quality time with each other

For most of us, spending so much time on the things that we really love doing is normal. No matter what it is – our job, hobbies, and most especially our passion. But sometimes, we have to be self-aware and reconsider this for the sake of our relationship with the people we love and value. When you value your time very high, it is so easy for us to think that things that do not serve us are meaningless and just a waste of time. But we must remember that in able for us to sustain the relationship that we have to our love ones, we must set aside these things and share our time to them no matter how mundane these moments sometimes are.

Appreciating the person and expressing it to let them know

It is very important to let the people we value and love that we appreciate them, that we really like them for doing good deeds and sustaining your relationship. We must really let them know that you recognize their effort and that it is very necessary and helpful to you and to your relationship. In this way, they will know that you are not disregarding them and all their positive contribution to your life and your relationship. You can also do this by giving presents or gift even how small or simple. You can also write them a letter that shows your appreciation.

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