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The Benefits of Playing and Listening to Music


Music is an excellent medium that can be used to help us on our everyday life such as improving our brain function, learning skills, emotional condition, and mental health. As we listen to it, our brain releases dopamine, a “feel-good” neurotransmitter. It can also influence our mood. If we listen to music that has positive lyrics and a lively tune, it will also make us feel positive, happy, and energetic. If we listen to sad music, it would also make us sad and feel low in energy.

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As we listen to music the vibrations enters our brain through electrical signal then translate it to a set of patterns which affects our body including our metabolic rate, blood pressure, and heart rate. That’s why if we listen to music that are noisy and chaotic (or sometimes to those that we don’t really like), it could also bring us physical stress and even mental fatigue.

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Listening to music has enormous benefits to our body and our cognitive functioning and ability. For example, if we are having a hard time studying and understanding our lessons for exam, listening to the music that we really like and enjoy can be very helpful. If a person listening sincerely desires to feel its effect, he or she can surely benefit from it. But if one listens to it passively, he will not feel its effect. The fact is that if you are really engaged in it, it would really work well. In addition, it can also bring back memories, both good and bad. It is because it affects many areas of the brain, stimulating pathways that are still healthy.

Music can be really helpful to our productivity. It produces energy for work and helps us perform the tasks at hand better. This is mainly because of the beat. The faster the beat, the faster the phase we set to ourselves. This is the reason why some people love to listen to lively and upbeat music when they are working, cleaning, and exercising or doing a workout. So if you want to be productive, listen to a perfect music that makes you active and feel motivated. Some examples of these are reggae, ska, disco, dub music, and techno music. Other proven benefits of music are pain reduction, health recovery, relaxation, stress relief, sleep enhancement, increase on verbal intelligence, and memory boost.

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How playing music affects the brain

On the other hand, playing music is very beneficial to the growth and development of the brain as well. As long as one is passionate about doing it, it will help improve one’s brain by increasing its elasticity, motor skills, muscle groups, and its executive functionality, the mental processes responsible for remembering, planning, regulating ones behavior, focusing on attention, multitasking, problem solving, and processing information; skills that are very important for all of us. It is said that whatever instruments that a person uses – a piano, guitar, drums, keyboards, etc. – they all have the same benefits for as long as the one playing appreciates the instrument.

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